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How to Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive Free [Best Solution]How to Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive Free [Best Solution]

Why Migrate from Google Drive to OneDrive?

Both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are common cloud services in workplaces, educational institutions, and even for personal use depending on the email provider you chose years ago. These providers offer the cheapest cloud storage that syncs you’re your computer, mobile devices, and office applications. However, both OneDrive and Google Drive rely heavily on their ecosystems (Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite). This can become limiting and restrictive over time.

As rhetorical as it sounds, not everyone uses Microsoft Office Suite in daily life. Google offers free cloud-based office suites such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc. to replace Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. However, companies and most educational institutions rely on Microsoft Office 365 suites. For many years, Microsoft has offered office as SaaS. This has dramatically lowered the initial cost of Microsoft Office and made the adoption even easier and more diverse. Therefore, if you are already using Microsoft Office, it makes sense for you to move files from Google Drive to OneDrive to collaborate with Microsoft Office while taking advantage of the abundant cloud storage that OneDrive offers.

How to Migrate Google Drive to OneDrive Easily for Free

Migrating between Google Drive and OneDrive can be a frustrating and time-consuming operation. Because most applications and services do not like people leaving or moving to other services. No matter why you want to migrate files from Google Drive to OneDrive, you are probably wondering how to quickly and securely complete the Google Drive to OneDrive migration. Therefore, you can try some third-party cloud-to-cloud migration services.

Among all the cloud-to-cloud migration services, MultCloud could be the best choice since it offers a reliable web interface for you to fast migrate Dropbox to OneDrive or other 30+ clouds without downloading and uploading. All you need is a free MultCloud account, then you can add your clouds to it securely and click only one key in the Cloud Transfer function to transfer data from Google Drive to OneDrive seamlessly.

Step 1. Open your browser to create a MultCloud account and log in to MultCloud.

Step 2. Add your Google Drive accounts to MultCloud by clicking the “Add Cloud” button. You can choose the icon of the clouds to add them respectively. What’s more, MultCloud also supports business clouds like Google Workspace and OneDrive for Business for you to add and transfer files.

Step 3. Create your Google Drive to Microsoft OneDrive migration on the Cloud Transfer page. You can select your Google Drive account or files and folders in it as the source. Then select your OneDrive account or a folder in it as the destination.

Step 4. Start your Google Drive to OneDrive data migration quickly by clicking “Transfer Now”.

After subscribing, MultCloud will give you superfast transfer speed and so many advanced features to equip your Cloud Transfer function. For example, you can set up a “Filter” in the “Options” to include or exclude files with certain extensions when transferring. And you can choose a daily, weekly, or monthly plan in the “Schedule” to create an automatic Cloud Transfer task and let MultCloud perform tasks offline.

More Features of MultCloud

  • Transfer/sync/backup cloud to cloud with one key: MultCloud offers the Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, and Team Transfer function for you to use for free.
  • Access and manage all cloud files with one login: You can easily access all your clouds from the “My Cloud Drives” list and decide to upload, download, remote upload, delete, copy, cut, rename, or preview files with clouds directly in MultCloud.
  • Share cloud files easily and safely: You can share files from your clouds directly in MultCloud by using the Public Share, Source Share, or Private Share (password protection).
  • Achieve team migration with auto-matched sub-accounts: If you want to migrate all the accounts of the same domain from Google Workspace to OneDrive for Business, the Team Transfer function will give you the best and smartest experience.


The manual method of transferring files from Google Drive to OneDrive may work well for smaller accounts. However, if you need to move large numbers of files between clouds, the manual option has considerable limitations. To ensure quick and accurate results, using MultCloud to migrate between Google Drive and OneDrive seems to be a better choice that can largely save your time and energy.

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