Sun. May 26th, 2024
buying iPhones in bulk

The latest and new models of iPhones are expensive. That is why people are inclined to buy used iPhones. Buying iPhones in bulk can secure you a high-profit margin when you resell them. But it is possible only if you acquire bulk iPhones at considerably low rates. While some iPhone wholesale suppliers like 2nd life phones offer affordable phones for their customers, there are certainly other ways through which you can make more money and spend less. So, continue reading this blog to find out ways to save money on making bulk purchases of iPhones.

2nd Life Phones

2nd life phones are the most affordable wholesaler in the USA. When you are buying iPhones in bulk from this store, you can avail of an amazing discount that can save you lots of money. Investing less but getting double the amount is only possible when you make a purchase from 2nd life phones. Also, the prices vary based on the quality and functioning of the phones. No doubt, their individual phones are available to you at economical prices. Stay worry-free about the iPhones as they are superior-quality and in their best working state. Place an instant quote on their website and leave the rest to 2nd life phones.

Tips To Save Cost While Purchasing iPhones in Bulk in The USA

Here are a few tips that you must keep in mind:

  1. Quit Buying The Latest Models

It may be tempting to buy the latest models of iPhones but purchasing an older model can save you a good amount of money. As prices for older phones considerably fall when newer versions are released, people prefer buying refurbished phones over newly released versions as it becomes affordable for them. Suppliers tend to influx old iPhones around new releases which makes them spend less and get more buyers. Also, older phones provide buyers with features that fulfil their needs. So, stocking new models will not benefit you as their updates and additional features cost a lot but are minimally useful to people. 

  1. Buy Refurbished iPhones From a Reputable Supplier

While new models can be out of budget for many people, refurbished iPhones help them to buy their favourite phone. Obtaining used iPhones in bulk from a reputable wholesale supplier like 2nd life phones, the refurbished devices can function just like new ones. Buying from renowned suppliers is better than dealing with suppliers with no whereabouts. Furthermore, a good supplier will provide you with a unique discount when you make a bulk purchase leading to saving your cost.

  1. Customer Preferences

Customer preferences hold key importance. When new models are released, the chances for people to buy the oldest versions like the iPhone 6s, 6s plus, and even iPhone 7 too may drastically fall. So, it is first better to understand what the current trends in the market are nowadays and what customers are liking or intending to buy. There is no use in holding a large, consistent inventory when it does not cater to customers’ likings and interests. All this will make your money go waste. Therefore, stock high quantities of phones that the people desire with low quantities of not much-demanded phones. 

  1. Consider The Right Time To Make a Purchase

To save yourself a handsome amount of money, then wait for the right time to make a bulk purchase. Apple releases a new version each year in September when the prices for older phones drop. Making a purchase just before the release will save you a lot. It can also get you more products for just a few thousand dollars. With the same price as that of the new model, you can get the one-year older version with nearly the same specs and functioning as a newer model. This surely attracts buyers to your store, saves money, and secures high profit.

  1. Choose The Best Payment Method

Lastly, payment methods can either cost or save you money. Retailers use different means to pay the wholesale suppliers for their bulk purchase of iPhones depending on their country and the methods provided by wholesalers in the USA. Nevertheless, you must choose the payment method that charges you the least processing fees. Buying affordable iPhones would not help you if a major sum of your money goes to cover transfer fees. So, choosing an effective payment option is as important as buying economical iPhones. 


Conclusively, placing a bulk order while spending less is a sensitive matter. Also, you expect the phones to be of high quality. All this can happen when you are buying iPhones in bulk from 2nd life phones. This store can give you a large inventory, the best-quality phones, and fast delivery within market-competitive prices, so you invest minimum money and gain high profits. 2nd life phones help retail businesses grow and be successful. 

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