Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
Remove vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring, no doubt, gives an opulent look when it’s installed. But, eventually, it gives off a dull look, reaching the end of its lifespan. By that time, you’ll definitely need to install a new floor covering. Some people find it easy to install the new flooring over it. But, it could only happen if the vinyl floor is in an excellent state to take the new installation over it.

Removing any flooring is obviously a hectic and time-consuming task to perform. But, we have brought you some easy tips to get this task done in a safe manner. Here is a complete guide for you that will help remove vinyl flooring while saving you time and money.

An Ultimate Guide To Remove Vinyl Flooring

This guide consists of all the essential tips and tricks to help you out in getting this task done without wasting your time and energy. Following this incredible guide will eliminate the need to hire any professionals and make you perform this task by yourself.

1. Get All The Required Material 

Firstly, it is the most important thing to get yourself ready with all the required materials so that you can get the removal of flooring with no frustration. Get the flat pry bar, hammer, 5-in-1 tool, utility knife, and heat gun.

Also, do not ignore taking safety measures. For that, bring some safety work gloves so that you won’t get injured while performing the task. After getting yourself completely ready with all the material, you can now start removing the vinyl flooring tiles Dubai from your living space.

2. Start Removing Baseboard And Quarter Round Trim

If any quarter-round trim is being installed in the area to fill the gap between the baseboard and the flooring, then you need to remove it first before going toward the vinyl flooring. Use the flat pry bar for its removal. After that, remove the baseboard trims so that you could easily complete the removal task of floor covering.

You will need a wood block and a flat pry to properly get off the baseboards. Don’t forget to wear safety gloves to avoid any type of injury because this task requires a lot of force to pull off the trims. If the wood block is not enough, then you might need to use the hammer for that purpose. Do this step slowly and gently so that the baseboard will not get damaged and can be reused.

3. Remove the Flooring From The Center

Mostly, during the installation of vinyl flooring, only 6 inches of perimeter gets glued or stapled down. The center of it lies loose, which makes the removal a fast process. In order to check that, cut the flooring around the perimeter, about 8 inches away from the wall. Cut and pull up the flooring through the center to check if it gets removed easily.

4. Cut The Vinyl Flooring Into Strips

The best and easiest way to remove this flooring is to cut it into strips. This will make the removal process quick. Cut off the narrow strips and continue pulling them off. In this way, you can easily dispose of them after getting the task done.

Getting it cut into large pieces will make the disposal difficult as it is quite heavy and not so easy to manage. Now, with the use of a pry bar, start pulling off the glued area of flooring. Because the flat pry bar is blunt and will easily remove the tightly glued part of your vinyl flooring,

5. Use A Heat Gun And Dispose Of The Flooring

Using a heat gun is the ideal way to remove the hard adhesives. For this, turn the heat gun on at a very low temperature and move it around the junction between the underlayment and the flooring

This will help to loosen the adhesives so that you can easily pull up the remaining glued area of floor covering. Hence, you are done with the removal of flooring. Now, take off all the strips and dispose of them along with all the trash.

To Sum Up

Finally, I would recommend following all the steps for the easy removal of vinyl flooring from your home. So that you could install a new floor covering and make your dearest home look adorable and comfortable. This ultimate guide will help you out a lot in so many ways while saving you a lot of money.