Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
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If you’ve SPC floors installed in your home and office, then you must be aware that this flooring is available in a diverse collection of styles and has a timeless wood-like design, thus making it a good alternative to hardwood flooring. Also, It is heavy-duty and durable, the reason behind its popularity.

However, to keep enjoying all these benefits, you need to properly clean and maintain this flooring. Also, proper cleaning and maintenance will add to the lifespan of SPC flooring and to the beauty of your interior.

You’ll be mesmerized to know that cleaning SPC floors is much easier than you think. And, with some super simple DIY home cleaning techniques, you can easily take care of and maintain your SPC floors and can also prevent any irreversible damage to the floor surface or structure.

SPC Flooring Maintenance & Care Guide

Taking on the previous discussion, cleaning SPC floors is a convenient task, however, one should abstain from cleaning methods that can cause permanent damage to them such as yellowing, discoloration, etc.

Irrespective of the fact that your SPC floors are hard-wearing, any sort of misconduct can make your valuable investment go down the drain. So as to help you prevent such happenings, we’ve described below the best ways to help you maintain your home and office SPC floors.

1. Take Some Precautionary Measures

As you may have heard the famous proverb regarding health, prevention is better than cure! So is the case here and you need to take several precautions to help prevent any damage to your SPC floors. Not only that but these preventive measures will also add to the lifespan of your flooring. Below, we’ve enlisted these protective measures.

  • Don’t allow prolonged exposure of the flooring to direct sunlight because it can cause discoloration and yellowing of the surface layer.
  • Use protective rubber matting to protect your floors from scratches, even if it has a scratch-resistant wear layer.
  • Place pads or protectors under the chair and table legs, however, avoid using colored felt protectors for this purpose.
  • Place a doormat at your home entrance so as to avoid abrasive dirt particles driven by footwear that can rob your floors of their gleaming surface. However, make sure not to use rubber mats as they can cause permanent stains.
  • To avoid permanent damage, don’t allow cigarettes or any other hot items to come into direct contact with the floor surface.
  • For cleaning, never use abrasive or harsh chemical products as they can permanently damage your SPC floors.

2. Clean Your SPC Floors On A Regular Basis

You should clean your SPC flooring routinely so as to avoid the accumulation of dust, dirt, or debris on the surface which can make your floors look dull and unattractive. Here, we’ve enlisted steps that you should follow to clean your SPC floors simply and efficiently using household tools or equipment.

  1. The simplest way to clean SPC floors is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust, dirt, or sand particles. Make sure that you use a soft-bristled vacuum cleaner because otherwise, it can damage the wear layer present on the surface of the floor.
  2. Take a soft-action laminate cleaner and apply it using a cleaning pad on the floor surface.
  3. Rub the cotton cloth or cleaning pad repeatedly on the surface and leave it to dry. Make sure to change the cloth when it gets dirty.
  4. The last step isn’t basically concerned about cleaning but conserving the effort you’ve put into cleaning. Thus, you should avoid using the wet floor so as to prevent any footwear prints on the surface.

3. Perform A Deep-Cleaning Every Once In A While

No matter whether you’re cleaning your SPC floors on a regular basis, it still needs to be deep-cleaned every once in a while, mostly annually. The deep-cleaning procedures will help you lift the stains, marks, and scratches on the floor surface, thus making them look elegant and brand new again. Here, we’ve devised some ways to help you get rid of stains from the floor surface.

1. Remove Stains Of Coffee, Milk, Wine

Stains from coffee, milk, wine, and fruit juices (some fruits are exceptional) can be removed efficiently with the help of a soft damp cloth. You can also use Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaner to remove such stains. 

In addition to that, you can use acetone solution to get rid of shoe polish, ink, paint drops, varnish, and asphalt stains.

2. Get Rid Of Grease Stains

Some stains come under the category of stubborn, out of which grease is one. Such stains on the SPC floor surface can’t be easily removed using a cloth soaked in laminate flooring cleaner.

So to do it properly, you need to create a solution of 500ml of Bona Fernox (a degreaser) with 10 liters of water. After that, use a soft-bristled brush to apply the solution and wipe the stained surface repeatedly, and you’ll notice that the stain disappears after some time. Once disappeared, wash the floor with water and leave it to dry.

For even effective deep-cleaning, however, it is better to get your floors deep-cleaned with the help of a professional floor cleaner as those people can deliver better results. Also, hiring a professional cleaner means getting maximum outcomes and all the expenses will be worth the benefits, as well. 


We’ve explained the DIY cleaning procedures including vacuuming, mopping with professional cleaner solutions, and others to help you maintain your SPC floors and make them look graceful and appealing. Besides, a proper care and maintenance routine will add to the longevity of your SPC floors. You just need to adopt some precautionary measures and also let your floors get a deep-cleaning session every once in a while.