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The best way to avoid moth infestation is to take preventative methods early on. 

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the moths who eat your clothes and delicate items, it is their larvae. There are also species of moth larvae that eat your pantry food, so it is not just your fabrics you need to be careful of.

You want to get rid of any moths in your home before they have the chance to lay eggs and ruin your items. 

In this article, we cover a variety of ways to prevent moths from entering your home so that you can avoid an infestation.

Use Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are useful for a large variety of pests that enter your home, moths included. Most natural clothes moth traps use pheromones to attract moths to them. 

The moths will get stuck into the traps and not be able to lay their eggs. They are an effective way to get rid of moths as you can have multiple of them around your home.

They will need to be replaced every couple of months to ensure they retain their effectiveness.

Clean Frequently

Unlike other moths who are attracted to light, clothes moths are attracted to dark and damp spaces. They tend to lay their eggs in these small dark spaces, usually in the dust there.

This is why you need to clean the small, hard-to-reach areas as that is where the larvae will be. 

These small areas including any floors should be vacuumed often to remove any dust or possible eggs. This also means you should empty your vacuum frequently in case you do have any larvae.

It is also a good idea to wipe down surfaces frequently with warm soapy water or a water and vinegar solution.

Most clothes moths are carried in on clothes, either from you wearing them outside or you bought them secondhand. If you are wary of a possible infestation, wash your clothes at a high temperature. If there is one particular piece that is infested, you can freeze it for 24 hours to kill off any larvae.

Cleaning frequently is one of the best and simplest ways to prevent moths.

Utilize Certain Scents

Certain scents can naturally deter moths. A common one is cedar. You can use cedar hangers on your clothes, or spray a water and cedar oil solution around your home. Many people also store their clothing in cedar boxes. 

A common DIY moth repellent is a combination of bay leaves, cloves, lavender, thyme, and rosemary in a small cloth bag. These can be hung around your home in closets and drawers. These scents can deter not just moths, but other pests that can be in your home.

If using these DIY bags, replace them whenever they stop smelling as they won’t be as effective.

You can also use the essential oils of these scents around your home. These can be put into spray bottles with water or added to diffusers. These scents make your home smell a lot better than some of the chemical pest repellents on the market.

While natural scents are an effective deterrent, it is not guaranteed and should be used in conjunction with other moth prevention methods.

Store Your Clothes Properly

Commonly, people only know they have clothes moths when it is too late as they take their seasonal clothes out of storage. Properly storing these winter knits and delicate natural fabric can save you from heartbreak later on.

You will need to properly clean all of your clothes at a high temperature before storing them. They should also be completely dry as larvae thrive in the damp.

Store your clothes in airtight containers, not just cardboard boxes as larvae can eat through them. Vacuum sealing ensures it is airtight, and also makes the clothes take up less storage space. Store your clothes indoors like a closet as areas like a shed or garage are affected by weather and can become humid or damp.

Final Thoughts

While clothes moths are commonly carried in on clothing, they can also enter the home through open windows and doors. Make sure that any outdoor gaps are covered up, and if you have a frequent problem with moths then invest in some screen doors or net curtains to keep them out.

Each of these methods when combined can help to prevent a moth infestation, but they aren’t guaranteed. If the infestation gets too large then it is time to call in professional help.

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