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Essential oils are not only famous for their fragrance, but it significantly helps in uplifting your mood and improving your health. Studies show that people have effectively benefited by using essential oil for anxiety and reducing stress. Many medical enthusiasts have had their faith in essential oils for years.

Many medicine specialists have revealed that essential oils are excellent and provide significant benefits. But their ways of usage are still unknown to people, and that is where the problem lies.

Keep scrolling to learn more about essential oils and their positive health effects.

Essential Oils – What are They?

Certain natural compounds which are extracted from plants are known as essential oils. The extracted oils have a natural scent or aroma of the plant they are extracted from. So all essential oils have their characteristic essence from the aromatic compound.

The essential oils are usually extracted through mechanical methods like cold pressing. Sometimes the procedure of distillation is also used for extraction. And after extraction, the aromatic compound is mixed with a carrier oil, making the final product ready for use.

Essential Oils – Which Types are Widely Available?

The aromatic compounds are extracted from more than 90 plant variants. While each has a unique smell and use, not all are widely available or popular. However, many healthcare practitioners use essential oils for other practices like naturopathy and aromatherapy.

Here is a comprehensive listing of the widely available essential oils:

  • Lavender Oil

This essential oil helps explicitly in relieving insomnia. Besides, the rejuvenating and relaxing oil has significant pain-relieving properties.

  • Peppermint Oil

This aromatic essential oil is mainly used to resolve issues like irritable bowel syndrome and headaches. Regularly applying it to the temple helps in reducing migraine pain. It also comes with significant mood-lifting properties.

  • Rose Oil

The most soothing yet expensive essential oil helps in relieving stress and anxiety. Rose oil is most effective when treating joint pains and promoting hair growth.

  • Roman Chamomile Oil

This oil helps in uplifting the mood through effective relaxation. Depression and anxiety can also be cured when people consume chamomile tea.

  • Jasmine Oil

It mainly helps treat inflammation and dry skin, preventing aging signs. Jasmine oil is also effective for relieving stress.

  • Basil Oil

The most effective essential oil helps in soothing sore muscles and easing cough.

  • Sandalwood Oil

This essential oil is primarily famous for relieving stress, thereby improving sleep.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil significantly helps in boosting immunity and effectively treating fungal infections. It helps reduce the bacteria that cause acne and is the best suited for oily skin.

  • Ylang-Ylang Oil

It usually helps lower blood pressure, relieves pain, and improves mood.

  • Lemon Oil

This essential oil uplifts mood and aids digestion. You can effectively use the aroma for treating dizziness, depression, and nausea. The aromatic compound is mainly extracted from the peels of citrus fruits.

  • Orange Oil

You can diffuse this essential oil into the air and use it as a natural cleaner for your home. It efficiently helps in killing bacteria. You can also use it to reduce pain and anxiety.

  • Eucalyptus Oil

It helps in clearing nasal passages, thereby helping to breathe easily. Eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which efficiently fights against the herpes simplex virus. It also plays a significant role as a pain reliever.

  • Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil helps in improving sleep, asthma, and inflammation, uplifting mood, and preventing gum disease. The practical functionalities of this essential oil give it the name “king of oils.”

  • Cedarwood Oil

This essential oil has specific antibacterial properties that work great as an insect repellent. It effectively helps in improving anxiety and sleeping disorders.

  • Bergamot Oil

The floral and fruity aromatic compound helps uplift mood and significantly reduce anxiety and blood pressure.

What are the Health Benefits of Essential Oils?

The aromatic essential oils are extensively beneficial as it helps in reducing and improving a significant amount of health issues. Listed here are some of the health benefits of essential oils:

  • Irregular Sleeping Habits

Many insomniac people find it extremely difficult to sleep. But smelling lavender oil can efficiently help in reducing this issue, thereby improving the quality of sleep.

  • Heart

The rate of death due to cardiovascular disease is increasing each day. So most healthcare practitioners recommend essential oil for a healthy heart. Introducing your heart to aromatherapy will efficiently help in reducing blood pressure by slowing down the heart rate. The essential oil also proves to be beneficial for congestive heart failure.

  • Anxiety and Stress

Inhaling essential oils significantly helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It sends out effective signals to the brain to make you feel optimistic.

  • Skin Nourishment

Essential oils provide deep nourishment to the skin by effectively healing the damaged skin.

  • Headache

Applying lavender oil and peppermint oil to the temple helps in reducing headaches.

  • Hair

It works as the best hair care substitute and efficiently helps in treating both dry and greasy hair. Moreover, the blood flow of the scalp is significantly improved.

What are the Ways to Use Essential Oils?

Usually, essential oils are used by:

  • Diffusing
  • Inhalation
  • Ingesting
  • Topically through skin


  1. What purpose do essential oils solve?

From stimulating appetite to digestion and uplifting mood, essential oils help resolve everything. The aromatic compounds are mixed with carrier oil to promote circulation and improve indoor air.

  1. How does essential oil work?

Essential oils get inside the body through ingestion and inhalation and reach the bloodstream. After that, the brain sends out information, thereby impacting your whole body and emotions.

  1. Can I use essential oils for everything?

Even though essential oils have health benefits, you cannot just use them blindly. Make sure you know their uses first and then put them into use.

  1. How do I know which is the right essential oil?

Before purchasing essential oils, you need to consider the seller’s quality, purity, and reputation. This will help you determine which is the right essential oil for you.

  1. Are children sensitive to essential oils?

Not all essential oils are problematic to children. However, you must be careful while using eucalyptus, peppermint, camphor, and thyme oil.

To Conclude

Essential oils have shown fantastic benefits ever since day one and continue to do so. They are considered highly safe for inhalation and absorption through the skin. With so many health benefits it provides, consider having essential oils in your inventory.

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