Do you love your synthetic wig but would like to make it more natural? Keep reading to learn Tia’s expert tips on how to make your synthetic wig look more natural. You might be surprised by some of these tips!

Meet Tia

I’ve reviewed over 700 wigs as a coach and wig reviewer. Although I’ve been wearing wigs since high school, I have dedicated the past few years to learning and reviewing all I have learned.

My YouTube channel has hundreds of videos. Many of these videos can be used as a personal wig coaching. They will show you how to wear wigs and give tips and tricks. These videos are available in my Wigs 101 playlist. They include demos and step-by-step instructions. Wig Tips is also a series that I have created. It provides practical and sometimes even humorous information about wigs such as where and how to buy wigs, how to wear wigs at work, and wig realities and secrets.

My wig-making journey has been a learning experience. I’ve learned a lot of tricks and tips to make my wigs look natural and real. These tips will reduce your learning curve for wigs – some of which are new to me.

Tip #1: Be mentally prepared to wear a wig

The first step before you touch your wig is mental. Fear, wig stigma, and other misconceptions can all play a major role in your perception of a wig and your confidence in it. Some people are naturally comfortable wearing a hair wig. Others may need to work hard and take time. However, as with all things, practice and experimentation are key to success.

This assignment will help you mentally prepare: Take some time to look at photos of real women in wigs, and of women with natural hair you like. Why? One of the greatest fears that women have when wearing wigs is their fear that they will make them look “wiggy” or fake. Spending time looking at natural hair and wigs will help you to see the subtle changes you can make to make a wig look natural. A video was also made in which I examined the hairlines and hair parts of wigs vs. Bio hair. I wanted to test if wigs are as easily detected in my head as they are in mine. You may be as surprised by my findings as I was!

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Tip #2 – Research, Research and Research

I now have my second tip: Research! Being informed is one of my favorite tools. Wigs can be very real looking and, like all things, the more information you have the better you will grow. This is especially true for wigs.

When I create a video, it is based on extensive research. I then add my personal experience to the information. You can find answers to any questions you may have about wigs by visiting their website. You can watch YouTube videos, visit blogs such as this one, or join Facebook groups that are dedicated to wigs. There is so much to learn! Keep in mind, however, that every person is different and wearing a wig is a personal choice. You can take what you have learned and apply it to your knowledge.

Tip #3 – Hairline Tips

After you’ve done your research and understood the different ways wigs can look like natural hair, let us talk about lace! Some wigs don’t have lace fronts. However, if you are looking to buy a front or upgrade your existing one, here are some tips to make your hair look more natural. Some lace fronts come pre-cut and ready to wear, while others will require some trimming.

If you intend to use your hair to blend the hair, you can cut the lace right up to the wig’s line if you wish. If you’re not using your hair for the blend, the lace can be cut according to your natural hairline. Keep in mind that our hairlines are imperfect and unique to us. Your wig’s should be the same. My experience has shown me that wigs look more real when you embrace the imperfections of your hairlines and parts.

Here’s a bonus tip to help you maintain a natural hairline. My wigs have looked more convincing lately because I’ve been keeping my widow’s top, sideburns and any hairs around my hairline beyond my wig’s have remained intact. Although I trim the sides and backs of my bio hair, it is enough to create a natural illusion around my hairline.

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Tip #4 – Look for Rooted Wigs, or Make Your Own

Now that we’ve explored the hairline let’s get to the rooting area and part of the wig. This is a darker color that simulates the appearance of bio hair. You can create the appearance of bio hair by choosing a rooted style, or using a variety products to create roots.

There are many videos I have on how to create roots. But, one of my most important tips is to ensure that the wig is rooted along the parting space as well as along the hairline. You probably already have the products you need to root your wig. You can use brow powders or matte eyeshadows to create roots. Root sprays and colored dry shampoos can also be very effective. These sprays can be used to blend your bio hair along your hairline for a seamless appearance, especially if you don’t have the same color as the roots. These products are not waterproof so they can be rubbed off or washed away. You should consider an alcohol-activated makeup (face & body paint) if you need something more waterproof.

Tip #5 – Create a more natural-looking part with powder

Let’s move on to the part now that rooting looks natural. Powder in the part that matches your skin tone will make it more similar to your scalp. Powder is added to the seamlessness of the hair by placing it along the lace and knots. I add a little bronzer to the areas where the powder would naturally fall on my temples and forehead.

We are closer! To make the wig look more undetectable, there are many things you can do. You can add sideburns and baby hairs to the wig, as well as rooting it. Although they can be used to mimic natural hairlines, it is important to do your research as not all hairlines are the same. You can also gel or “lay” baby hairs and sideburns, which can give you some security, but not have to glue the whole wig down.

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Tip #6 – It doesn’t have to look perfect

It is important to not make the wig too perfect. You want your wig natural looking. Keep in mind that hair can move freely and will not stay put unless it is styled properly. You can “fluff it up”! Lol! Lol!

You can finger-pick the wig and use your hands to fluff it up. You can sometimes make a real difference by experimenting with the fibers of a hair wig. Your head and hairline are different, so don’t assume your wig will come pre-cut. Although synthetic wigs may look similar to human hair, they are actually made of fibers. These fibers may arrive flattened or tightened depending on how they are assembled, packed and shipped. Your wig will come to life with the warmth of your fingers and some gruff.

You can style your wig and accessorize as you wish! You can style and accessorize your wig just like you would your hair! Try it out: Clip it up, attach a headband and put it in a pony . Have fun with it! My motto is “Life is too short to wear wigs!” !