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Is your Desktop full of icons, software shortcuts, or files? If your answer is yes, I can feel your pain. I personally experienced this hectic thing. I remember I was in a meeting, and my boss ordered me to show some files on the projector, but I couldn’t find the exact file on time because my Desktop was full of useless icons. I felt embarrassed, but thankfully my colleague told me to download a desktop management tool. Because these tools are known to organize all your files on the Desktop. I suggest everyone get the best Desktop management tools to make things easier. 

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In this article, I will explain to you the qualities of the best desktop organizer and I’ll tell you which tool you should download on your PC.

What are the qualities of the best desktop organizer tool? 

As you know, when we go to Microsoft office or Google to find the best desktop organizer tool, we see a lot of Desktop management software. But the question is, which tool should we use? If you want to download an all-in-one desktop organizer tool, look for these below mentioned qualities in it.

  • Auto organize icons

The best feature of the desktop organizer is automatically organizing your desktop files and icons. This feature is the favorite feature of PC users due to a busy schedule; nobody has time to organize things manually. So you should download a tool that has the ability to organize your Desktop automatically. 

  • create folder

The best desktop organizer should have a feature to create Various folders to keep different files in different folders. 

  • hide and unhide icons

The most demanding feature of any desktop organizer is to hide and unhide features. This feature allows you to keep hidden all files at any time and gives you the authority to unhide all these icons.

  • easy access to files

The most irritating thing is when you can’t find your files or important documents on the Desktop in a short time. That’s why a desktop organizer tool should have a feature to get access to files in nanoseconds. It is an important feature for people during meetings, interviews, etc.

What desktop organizer tool should I install on my PC? 

If you are going to download a desktop management tool, then you should only download iTop Easy Desktop software because this tool has all qualities which are mentioned above. After installation, this powerful tool automatically arranges files, documents, and shortcuts in different folders and boxes. If you are a busy person and don’t have enough time, then it’s the best software for you. 

Moreover, you can manually add the files in different folders according to your choice. 

The iTop Easy Desktop software is free of cost and has a feature to create boxes; you can set any name of boxes, change the shape and color, and keep your important files.

Additionally, the iTop Easy Desktop provides you access to files in a few seconds. It works as a mini explorer, so you can search your files in a short time. 

Moreover, if you want to keep your office files kike presentations away from competitors’ eyes, hide them with iTop Easy Desktop software. And you can unhide it when you want to show it. 

How to use iTop Easy Desktop?

By following these steps, you can organize your computer

  • download iTop Easy Desktop and install it on your windows PC
  • lunch it on your PC
  • after launching, this application will automatically create different sections, folders, programs and files, and documents 
  • Click on software icons and drag them to the program section one by one
  • move all your documents into the documents and file section 
  • keep all your folders icon in the folder section 
  • create a box by clicking on the right button of your mouse, giving it a name, add anything in it that you want 


If you want to arrange your desktop icon quickly, don’t waste time on expensive desktop management tools. Download iTop Easy Desktop on PC, it will help you to organize your Desktop for free automatically. 

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