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PDF files are widely available; nevertheless, in contrast to documents written in Microsoft Word, PDF files are famously challenging to edit. When we conduct a search on the internet for PDF editors, we almost invariably come across links to premium PDF editors produced by firms such as Adobe and Foxit. The cost of these PDF editors might run fairly high. On the other hand, in contrast to the expensive PDF editors that are currently on the market, iTop PDF is a completely free option.

What is iTop PDF and why it is worth downloading?


iTop PDF is an all-inclusive solution that caters to all of your requirements and questions in relation to PDFs. It is able to edit PDF files, create new PDF files, combine many PDF files into a single PDF file, split a single PDF file into many smaller PDF files, compress a large PDF file to reduce the file size, and protect PDF files with a password all at the same time. These are only some of the capabilities that it has available to

Using this SODA PDF editor, it is possible to make any kind of change to an existing PDF file. This includes adding new pages or deleting old ones. iTop PDF makes it possible to edit PDF files in their native format without having to resort to any conversion methods. 

Users have the ability to quickly make changes to the content of PDF documents with just one click on the menu. These changes include the capability to add text, annotate, photographs, links, watermarks, and even bookmarks to the document.

The fact that iTop PDF can recognize and automatically fill out forms makes the program a great deal more user-friendly.

If you want to extract specific pages from within your PDF file and save them as a distinct document, you can do so by following the instructions in the following lesson. These pages are located within the PDF that you have opened.

How to use iTop PDF to handle PDF tasks?

2.Edit PDF
  • Select the “Split” option that is located in the Main toolbar.
  • In the dialogue window for the Split Document command, choose the pages that you wish to extract, and then click the Extract button.
  • When you have done saving the newly generated PDF, you are finished.
  • The user interface of iTop PDF is quite simple and does not have a lot of extraneous elements. 
  • You won’t have any trouble finding any of the PDF editing tools that you need, and using those tools won’t be tough either. Both of those things are going to be quite easy for you to do.

Features of iTop PDF

  1. iTop PDF is a free PDF editor that gives you the ability to easily perform PDF editing tasks and export new PDF files without requiring you to pay any additional money.
  2. iTop PDF is a lightweight piece of software that provides quick document loading and processing in order to achieve higher levels of overall work efficiency.
  3. iTop PDF is a PDF editor that provides all of the capabilities that are currently available. You only need one piece of software to read PDF files, edit them, combine them, convert them, compress them, and organize them all in one place.


All things considered, iTop PDF is a really solid option for anyone looking for a PDF solution. This PDF editor is going to come in handy for the editing and manipulation needs that arise on a daily basis for users of all experience levels, including beginners and advanced users.

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