Wed. Jul 17th, 2024
TikTok videos

You most likely use TikTok already. Additionally, you’re in excellent company as the app has over 1 billion monthly active users. Given the platform’s strong organic reach, it’s a terrific venue for creators (especially when you optimise your content to get more views). The issue is that download TikTok videos for free without a watermark is not simple to perform. This is problematic because it’s likely that you’re making your films right in the TikTok app. After posting, you can also decide that you’d like to publish your video on another social media site. However, if you save it directly from TikTok, your video will have a noticeable TikTok watermark.

TikTok Download Without a Watermark

The ideal option is to initially download the video for nothing, without any watermarks. The URLs for each TikTok video must be entered into 3rd apps and help websites for this to function. Despite some click-bait advertisements, Musically Down is a helpful website with a clear instructional video. But how they all operate is the same. When you enter the URL to a TikTok movie or song, you’ll see a brief preview with the title of the video and the option to download it as a Video files video or occasionally as an MP3 music file.

Eraser for video

You may just edit the watermark out of your TikTok video as one method of doing away with it. This procedure is simple because there are only a few steps involved. You will first immediately download your video from TikTok. To download a video, simply launch the app, find it in the list, click Share Video, and then choose Save Video. After that, you can use the features in the Video Eraser programme to erase the watermark from your downloaded video. The drawback of this choice is that the final product could appear a little messy. This is so that tools like Video Editor can “erase” the watermark by blurring it away with more pixels.


Now, there is always the choice to use a third-party tool specially made to download videos without watermark if altering it yourself sounds like a lot of work. Both a desktop version of SnapTik and an app are offered. You don’t need to install additional software onto your computer or phone, making it a good choice. All you need is the link to your TikTok video. On TikTok, choose the video you wish to download, hit the Share button, and then select the Copy Address option to acquire that. You then simply put the link into the appropriate section on SnapTik, and in a matter of seconds, you’ll have your watermark-free video. Additionally, SnapTik is free.


TikSave is another excellent choice among independent applications. You just copy the link to a TikTok video you would like to download and then paste it into the TikSave app, which functions similarly to SnapTik. In contrast to SnapTik, this app requires a membership ($4.99 per month after a 3-day trial). It also offers more features than SnapTik, though. You could use TikSave to download your TikTok videos, check video analytics, extract and distribute a video’s audio, and more. The subscription fee for TikSave can be worthwhile if you frequently download TikTok videos and use the other features.