Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Considerations for Selecting a Place to Stay for Vacation

Wine lovers flock to the northern California oasis of Napa Valley for a memorable and relaxing vacation. But there’s more to Napa than the Valley. The region is made of five distinct towns that all beckon you with their dining, shopping, and of course, wine: Calistoga, St. Helena, Yountville, Napa, and American Canyon.

So many towns to choose from means you also have plenty of hotels to choose from, too. And if you’re looking for Napa Valley hotels with an air of luxury and a flair for the fabulous, you need to take great care when making your decision. Consider these important hotel features before booking your stay.

First, Why a Hotel, and Not an Independent Rental?
You may be tempted to hop onto your favorite lodging app and find an apartment or home to rent for your Napa vacation. But when it comes to wine country, a luxury hotel is a better bet.

First, a boutique hotel offers concierge services to help you make the most of your trip. You won’t find that in a random rental. Your concierge can book winery tours and dinner reservations for you, so you don’t have to stress.

Second, a hotel has an established process for providing guest service, with set times for housekeeping, the promise of room service, and high standards for quality.

Third, independent lodgings don’t offer the amenities that a boutique hotel does. If you want more than a place to sleep on your vacation, you’ll prefer a luxury lodging.

Location, Location, Location
Because the Napa region is so large, you’ll have lots of luxury hotel options. In choosing your hotel, consider the location and what’s nearby. Some people want to stay in lodging within walking distance of attractions, while others seek solace and solitude farther away.

Just as in buying real estate, you can’t change the location of your hotel, so make sure you like the surroundings – and proximity to fun – before booking.

Consider Room Sizes
Your hotel room should fit your needs on your Napa vacation. If you’re staying in your own room, alone, a queen-size bed may be adequate. If you’re looking for a more luxe sleep, opt for a king-size bed.

You may want to book adjoining suites if you’re traveling with family members or friends for a girls’ weekend or bachelorette party.

If you’re planning to enjoy a luxurious Napa trip, it’s smart to upsize your hotel room. You’ll never regret having extra space.

Hotel Amenities for Entertainment and Fitness
Even a buzzy Napa Valley vacation needs some downtime. Opt for a luxury hotel that provides amenities you’ll actually use and enjoy, like a premium fitness center, or passes to a nearby upscale gym. An indoor pool ensures you can float and relax, regardless of the northern California weather. A swim-up bar is a major bonus!

Some upscale hotels also offer virtual reality sports, media rooms, and opportunities for socializing with other guests. If that’s something that sounds like fun to you, this requirement will make it easy to narrow down hotel possibilities.

Dining Options for Every Appetite
The typical hotel restaurant can often lack character. But a luxury hotel should offer something special – a memorable dining experience with delicious cuisine that reflects the local vibe.

Seasonal California cuisine, featuring sustainably- and locally-grown fresh vegetables, celebrates the bounty of the region. And no trip to Napa would be complete with a variety of charcuterie boards to accompany a wine-tasting menu.

Your luxury hotel should offer small bites to share with your crew, plus craveable meals to tuck into after a long day winery-hopping. Variety ensures you always find something you want, whether it’s a quick snack or a rich, leisurely meal.

Extra Guest Services
Need a ride to the airport? How about a shuttle to the area’s premier wineries? Will you need to launder your designer duds during your trip? Finding a hotel with extra services can make your stay much more enjoyable – and safer.

Just because a luxury hotel labels it as such doesn’t mean it offers services like these to guests. Check hotel websites for information before booking.

Hotel Room Costs and Fees
A 13-percent tax is levied on all hotel stays of 30 days or less in Napa County. This tax will be added to your hotel room bill, regardless of whether it’s a luxury hotel, or a two-star budget inn. And because you aren’t concerned with sticking to a specific budget, you’ll instead want to consider whether the cost per night of your room, plus this 13-percent tax, are worth the amenities and creature comforts the hotel offers.

While you may consider staying at a big-name hotel with fewer features at a higher cost, simply because it’s familiar, you’ll likely get a better experience in a smaller, boutique hotel that offers numerous luxuries at the same cost per night.

Ready for Napa? Yeah, You Are!
After you get your hotel room booked, you’re ready for a memorable trip to Napa Valley, where you’ll enjoy some of the finest dining and shopping in the country. We can’t wait to see you!