Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
Gojek Clone KingX App

The Gojek Application’s success can be attributed to its comfort, affordability, and convenience. The software, which aims to address daily frustrations, has enjoyed tremendous popularity in Indonesia. Beginning with Moto rides, the app now provides a wide range of services, including food delivery, grocery delivery, parcel delivery, and moto rides. Anyone who desires access to their everyday essentials can now rely on this Super App

 Due of the app’s quick success, many start-ups, small enterprises, and established business owners in Malaysia are interested in creating a Gojek Clone App.

X Pre-built Features of Gojek Clone

A mobile app development company’s flagship product, Gojek KingX 2022, offers high-tech features, functionalities, and parts. Their New Gojek Clone KingX 2022 is causing a sensation in the market for obvious reasons. Business owners who wanted to build a profitable on-demand business for you were impressed by the app’s Uber-rich features and components.

The App is for every genre

Your customers can book taxi trips using the iWatch App in addition to utilising their cell phones and kiosk panels at airports. In reality, non-registered users can also call for cabs to halt by waving their hands in front of them. Renting two-wheelers on an hourly basis is the next choice. After obtaining basic items from stores and having they delivered to your door, order chicken and waffles from the best restaurant in the neighbourhood.

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Country specific payment gateways

This functionality is helpful when a site owner operates in several countries and wishes to enable local payment processing for each country’s banks.

Option to call the service provider/driver

The App User and the Service Provider can now communicate using the In-App Video Call Feature in addition to Voice Calling and In-App Chat Feature. Misha may, for instance, video call the delivery genie buying the painting supplies.

Delivery genie

Users of this cutting-edge technology can hire someone to help them with their daily responsibilities. Let’s look at an example to comprehend this well. Just consider a situation where a person does have a busy day and needs to depart early for work. After that, they can employ a delivery runner to pick up their laundry, carry their lunch to work from home, and other tasks.

Offering multiple credit card

These days, app users utilise multiple credit cards hence, the app provides also include in the app. By using various Credit Cards, App Users like Mrs. John can pay for their Order or Service.

When one of their Cards cannot be used for transactions owing to server downtime, this feature is helpful! Mrs. John can now easily add a second card to her payment option and purchase her groceries online!

Multi Services App

New components

With the revolutionary feature of Service Bid, your customers may select the service provider who best meets their time and financial requirements. The user uploads their “job” specifications, and the suitable service provider starts to offer their bids in response. The product that best fulfils the user’s needs will seal the deal. It is a feature that produces money, allows you to draw in more customers, and offers ease and independence.

Online video consultation

The app provides video conferencing or a video chat option to enable direct connection between users and experts.

Users get access to a range of professionals, such as trainers, medical professionals, attorneys, accountants, and others. Assuring that people may use the services they need is a straightforward answer. They don’t even visit there or need to call them in person to find what they’re looking for.

Taxi booking using iwatch app

You can utilise our Super App’s Uber-like taxi service You can rule the ride-sharing On demand market in Malaysia with the many features and simple user interface of this White-label Gojek clone.

Modern elements like the iWatch App can be able to meet your marketing needs. The fact that it was developed exclusively for Apple consumers can help you attract more clients.

Customers may now use their Apple Watch to get a taxi and enjoy the journey. This Apple Watch software streamlines the taxi booking procedure. Users may choose the kind of cab, the pick-up and drop-off locations, and make payments using their Apple Watch.

Wrapping Up

The on-demand industry is expanding so swiftly that this could be your chance to advance. Use our Gojek Clone KingX App to launch your own multi-service company and you’ll be on the business map in Malaysia. Users can easily begin using our software right away because to its straightforward user interface. With some of the top features in the business, this product is currently the best choice available to any prospective entrepreneur.