Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
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Entrepreneurs around the world are waiting for a fitting solution to launch a multi-service business. Good news! Your wait is over because the Gojek Clone app is here. The on-demand app is one of the best, most affordable, and easy-to-implement business solutions. We have compiled this brief guide to give you a broader picture of the app, its features, services, and every other essential detail.

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Everything Essential You Need to Know about the Gojek Clone App 

The clone of the original Indonesian Gojek app is designed, coded, tested, and launched to provide a digital platform where users can book multiple services. The app offers more than 82 services. Moreover, this single app is built with top-grade technologies. Let’s get to know this app in depth. 

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1. It offers eight service categories in one app! 

All eight categories of on-demand apps are tailored to provide the utmost convenience to customers. The categories available on the app are: 

  • Taxi booking service 
  • Online video consultation 
  • Service bidding 
  • On-demand deliveries 
  • On-demand services 
  • Parcel delivery 
  • Delivery Genie and Delivery Runner 
  • Medical services 

2. Pre-integrated COVID-19 features 

The application pre-integrated COVID-19 features to ensure neither of the entities (customers and providers) contracts the lethal virus. The Gojek Clone app includes the following COVID-19 safety features. 

  • Restricted passenger limit: only a specified number of passengers can travel together in a taxi.
  • Safety rating and review: customers can rate and review the services and providers based on their experience. 
  • Facemask verification: facemask verification is specifically for drivers and providers. They have to upload a selfie with the facemask on. It’s only after uploading the selfie they can start the task. 
  • Safety checklist: the checklist displays all the essential COVID-19 safety measures in a pop-up that users have to agree to before proceeding to receiving/sending a service request. 
  • Ride cancellation: users can cancel the taxi/moto rides if they see that COVID-19 safety precautions aren’t obeyed in a particular situation. 

3. Low development cost 

The cost of developing the on-demand app solution is low because it is a pre-built Gojek Clone app. Entrepreneurs don’t have to build the app from scratch. Otherwise, they’d have to splurge at least $250,000 on: 

  • Hiring a dedicated team of professionals 
  • Training the professionals 
  • Buying or renting an office space 
  • Retaining the professionals by providing them with monthly salaries, provident funds, incentives, bonuses, etc. 
  • Purchasing expensive software licenses and other electronic assets. 

4. Immense money-making 

Money-making with the Gojek-like app because it has two profit-centric business models and revenue models. The business models include the commission-based model and membership subscription plans. On the other hand, entrepreneurs make extra income from in-app advertisements, surcharges, and cancellation fees.   

In short, entrepreneurs can become millionaires and billionaires in no time by launching the Gojek Clone app. 

5. Quick to launch 

The app is quick to launch because the developers don’t have to design or code it from the ground up. In brief, entrepreneurs can launch the on-demand multi-service app in just 1 to 2 weeks. 

Moreover, developers take 1 to 2 weeks to: 

  • Adjust the color theme 
  • Add branding everywhere on the app, website, web panels, KIOSK apps, iWatch app, etc. 
  • Develop the main website 
  • Integrate languages, currencies, and payment gateways of your choice
  • Enable/disable services or features on the app 

In simpler words, entrepreneurs can launch the Gojek-like app in only a few weeks, in contrast to developing the app from the ground up, which takes 7 to 8 years. 

6. It now includes the medical services category!

The Gojek Clone app now offers complete medical services with a single tap. Customers can now get an ambulance, consult with doctors, and even opt for emergency medicine delivery from the application under the “Medical Service” category. 

This app is the simplest way to connect with on-demand medical facilities without having to make manual calls or step out of the app. Allow your customers to get a fully-rounded healthcare facility from the comfort of their seats. 

multi-service app

In Conclusion: 

Summing up, the only way to earn success is to get the on-demand multi-service app solution today. Before you decide to purchase the Gojek Clone app script, try the free demo app to understand the workflow, customization requirements, and development quality. 

Purchase the script and get started with the app development after considerable testing of the demo app.