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Suppose you’re planning on attending any Renaissance Faires or other similar events where you’ll be around people in costume. In that case, it’s important to look your best and feel confident that you can handle anything that might come your way. While choosing the right period clothing will help, there are also many other factors to consider when looking your best, including an affordable price, authentic materials, and plenty of available options in terms of size and color. Check out this article to learn more about plus size renaissance corsets and how they can help you feel more comfortable at future events you attend!

Tips For Getting The Right Corset Size

Choosing the right size corset is easy with these tips. Remember that you can always make a smaller corset larger by taking it in, but there’s no way to make one that’s too large fit better. If you don’t have access to ready-made items, try measuring yourself like I do in my video How To Measure for A Corset using flexible measuring tape. These are available at fabric and craft stores like Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store. From there, use these measurements to determine which size corset will be best for your body type. You want to choose something that gives you enough room for comfort while still fitting snuggly against your body. Too loose and it won’t provide any support, but if it fits too tightly or isn’t made of stretchy material (like many of ours), then it might not be comfortable either. It also helps to choose something with a long waistline so that even if you gain weight over time, you won’t outgrow your corset! With all of our plus size renaissance corsets, they come in sizes 20-42 inches wide and up to 48 inches long. That should give you plenty of wiggle room to find something that fits perfectly on your bodice. As far as length goes, remember that it’s possible to shorten most pieces of clothing simply by cutting them down with pinking shears and reattaching them—but there’s really no fixing things once they’re too short! That’s why we only sell plus size renaissance corsets in lengths longer than 42. Our extra-long 50 plus size renaissance corset is just as amazing as our shorter options, and we know some customers love having choices when shopping online. We have more styles coming soon from other designers, so keep checking back for new designs.

Where To Wear A Renaissance Corset?

Renaissance corset can be worn for formal events such as Renaissance fairs, Halloween costume parties and movies like Disney’s Cinderella. They are also ideal for historical re-enactments. The renaissance era was very conservative in terms of fashion but many ladies did wear corsets. This gave them an hourglass shape which was considered beautiful at that time period. These corsets are great to wear if you want to give your upper body and midriff an hourglass shape without wearing something low cut and revealing. If you prefer more coverage over cleavage, then try using a renaissance style corset underneath a modern dress or shirt. You will love how easy it is to rock your new look!

How to buy your first Corset Renaissance

You’re in luck. It doesn’t matter what body type you have because you can buy any of these stunning corsets and look absolutely incredible. All you need to do is choose a designer, find one that suits your size and wait for it to arrive at your home. If we look at our most popular corset Renaissance then there are dozens of sizes available right now on our website so that anybody can afford one no matter how big or small they are. How amazing is that? Let’s face it – everyone wants something that makes them look better, feels good and comes from an amazing quality range as well as having easy payment plans too. So let’s see what all our customers think about buying their first corset Renaissance! Here are some comments: I found Meetcostumes through Google search when I was looking for a place to get my first corset ever! I’m petite (5’3), so I wanted to make sure I got something fitted perfectly. They have excellent customer service and answered all my questions patiently. This particular one came very quickly in just 2 days (shipping was included). The fabric is high quality, not cheap looking at all.

What Are The Different Types Of Corsets?

Every type of corset is made using either steel, whalebone, silk ribbon or plastic boning. Each material has it’s own pros and cons when it comes to shape and comfort. For example, metal corsets are extremely rigid, but they don’t impact breathing at all. Whaleboned corsets use flexible material that actually molds to your body shape over time if you wear them regularly. When shopping for plus size renaissance corsets on Etsy , look for those that mention which type of boning they use and check out reviews from other customers who have bought it in order to make an informed decision. A great way to get started is by looking at what types of corsets were popular during each era. If you want a classic Victorian style, then look for a tight lacing style (it will be labeled as such). If you want something more modern, then go for styles like bustiers or waist trainers. They can be worn under clothing and provide support without being as obvious about it.

How To Choose A Quality Renaissance Cincher?

A renaissance cincher is one of the best options for costume apparel because it gives an hourglass shape to most women. Even if you are a plus size lady, there are plenty of renaissance cinchers that will give you exactly what you want. It’s also easy to find one in your size. Just follow these tips on how to choose one that’s right for you and your body type! Use proper measurements: The first thing you need to do when looking at corsets is get proper measurements so you can make sure they fit properly. You can do this by having someone else measure your waist or taking measurements yourself at home. In either case, always remember to have someone else double check your work or just have someone else measure as well if possible. If they don’t fit correctly when they arrive, then returning them is easier than having them not fit correctly when worn under clothing!


The renaissance was one of history’s most exciting periods, full of art, science, and culture. It was also one of fashion’s greatest eras; in centuries past, corsets helped women create hourglass figures thanks to strong waistlines and boning (the spiral wires built into corsets). Today’s renaissance corset mimics that style but also takes it up a notch for plus-size women. These highly rated corsets are great for everything from historical costume parties to burlesque shows. If you want to create an hourglass figure, wear a few at once or layer them under modern dresses and clothes. A renaissance revival is long overdue; get started today by choosing your favorite design!

By Richard Maxwell

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