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What features should a perfect pdf editor online have? Whether you are a freelancer or work in a corporate environment, you will have access to PDF courseware, literature, e-books, and resumes. When we choose PDF editor products In addition to taking the price as a reference condition, we should also consider whether the editor has five major functions, which is very important for us to establish a standard office system.

What is a PDF editor?

Before understanding the PDF editor, you need to first understand the PDF format. The PDF file has a very high stable structure, and there will be no confusion in the content layout. The document has clear fonts and is easy to print on various printers.

However, the PDF format can only read and cannot modify the properties, which makes many people at a loss, which happens to be the opportunity to launch various PDF editors on the market. Using these editors, users can not only read PDF to Tiff Converter, but also edit their content. Some powerful editors also support functions such as compression, merging, splitting, and format conversion.

The best free PDF editors you can use ?

For the selection of editors, many people in the graphic design, content marketing, finance, and education industries are strongly recommending a free pdf editor online, which is launched by the Abcd platform. From the point of view of the aggregation of functions and permanent free, it has surpassed the vast majority of PDF paid products on the market.

The following is a short list of Abcd PDF platform tools features:

PDF editing, converting, merging, splitting, adding watermark tools
PDF EditorMerge PDFsCompress PDFSplit PDFPDF to Word
HTML to PDFProtect PDFUnlock PDFWatermarkPage Number
Remove pagesSave as PDFSign PDFPDF to DOCXODT to PDF
DOCX to PDFDOC to PDFCombine PDFPDFConverter 

Although this online product does not charge any fees, it does not mean that it will have any limitations in the scope of functions and applications. On the contrary, it has too many advantages, which are explained further below.

Supports multiple file formats

For example, it is often necessary to convert the edited PDF format file into a Word Docx or Excel format file, so that other staff can further improve the data model, and then it is possible to convert the Docx format into PPT format and finally at the meeting. discussed above. Often, a file format is only a temporary identity in a work environment, and it will have the potential to become a variety of roles as workers demand. This requires editors with flexible format conversion capabilities to ensure that they can meet the needs of various situations.

The pdf editor online can easily convert between PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, HTML formats, it can also convert document formats into PNG images and support signing functions.

All conversion functions are completed in the browser through the network, and the processed files will be saved in the browser cache to prevent the files from being forgotten or lost.

Comment and review features

Depending on your work assignment, maybe you don’t want to completely modify PDF files from clients, but just want to consult the documents. At this time, a good PDF editor allows you to annotate, comment, and review PDF files, collaborating without any encroachment on client data.

The pdf editor online can well annotate, sign, and review PDF documents without modifying them. The three operations are described below.

NotesPDF editor open , use the Commenting (Stroke) tool at the top of the Word editing bar.
signPDF on the homepage of Abcd PDF platform to sign documents online through electronic signature.
reviewOpen the PDF editor and click on the left sidebar to easily select the page to review the content.

security function

The security factor is an issue that enterprises must consider. Each enterprise has its own sensitive data and confidential documents. Once leaked, the enterprise will face serious losses, so we need to minimize the risk. Security features are the criteria for measuring whether an editor is qualified. After all, no matter how good an editor is, if there is no security solution, who would be willing to use it at risk? An ideal editor will have multiple levels of security, it provides In addition to functions such as password protection, editing, and various types of permission settings, it also needs to provide a way to electronically sign documents.

Here are the security policies behind pdf editor online:

security strategy
Certified Data CenterAbcd PDF only works with secure and highly trusted cloud service providers and data centers that are ISO 27001 (Information Security Standard) certified.
Data isolationAbcd PDF keeps user data isolated, which means each conversion is performed in a separate environment. So only you can access your file, no other third party including Abcd PDF team can access it.
secure communicationUser data is protected from theft, alteration or transfer. All communications between users ‘ web browsers, their servers, and transition hosts take place over secure channels protected by state-of-the-art TLS encryption and enable HSTS web security policies.

Accessible features that follow user flow

Why should the editor conform to the user’s operation process and habits? A good PDF editor will be designed according to the user’s habits and needs, and what page will pop up after which step to guide the user to make which choices. A good PDF editor will “read” the user’s thoughts like a private secretary, allowing you to easily make choices after each operation. Every operation the user thinks of is within the expectations of the tool. s efficiency.

Refer to the linkage design of the relevant functions of the pdf editor online:

user clicks the toolbar at the top of the Word online editing barThe system pops up a dynamic tutorial
After the user clicks the preview functionYou can choose to save directly at the bottom right
After the user clicks saveThe system prompts the document conversion format
After the user downloads the documentThe system pops up a share link

Convenient document sharing function

The convenient document sharing function is also a major function that a good PDF editor should have, and pdf editor online can directly share the link online after editing the content. All sharing operations are done on the editor, and users do not need to switch to other tools. Find the document you want to transfer and save a lot of time. In short, editors that support efficient transmission or collaborative work are the key to making our work more efficient.


What features should a perfect pdf editor online have? The above content introduces you to the 5 major features that a good editor should have, including support for multiple file formats, comments and reviews, security, chain functions that conform to user habits, and convenient documentation share function. Finally, hopefully, you can find an online editor that matches your office’s standard features.

By Richard Maxwell

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