Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

The email notification feature in Outlook is a very useful one as it alerts you of any new incoming messages. Its desktop notification allows you to remain updated on any new message that arrives. You don’t need to open the Outlook email client separately to do so. However, sometimes, the notifications or alerts can also cause disturbance in your usual workflow. In such an instance, you should know how to enable or disable Outlook Mail notifications. Did you know that you can even set an alert for a specific notification in Outlook Mail? In this article, you find out the correct way of turning on and off the email notification feature in your Outlook Mail.

The Process to Enable/Disable Notifications on Outlook Mail

There are chiefly two ways in which you can accomplish this process. Both of them are explained in a stepwise format below.

Use the settings of Outlook

You can use the Outlook settings to modify the notification arrival. If you’ve been complaining about Outlook desktop notifications not working, here is the correct method to enable your notifications. Depending on your needs, you can use follow the process to disable notifications also.

  • Choose the ‘File’ menu in your Outlook.
  • Next, choose ‘Options.’
  • After that, select the ‘Mail’ option.
  • Go to the end portion of the ‘Message Arrival’ section.
  • Place a tick in the box of ‘Display a desktop alert.’ Doing so will make you receive a notification box upon the arrival of any new message.
  • Remove the checkmark from this specific box if you don’t wish the notification box to appear. 

Use the notification settings of Windows

Another approach is to enable or disable the notifications through the notification settings of Windows. Here is how to do that.

  • Begin choosing ‘Taskbar settings.’ You can do so by tapping any space on the taskbar.
  • Go down to the ‘Notification area.’
  • Here, select the option, ‘Which icons appear on the taskbar.’
  • Locate ‘Microsoft Outlook – You have new unread email messages.’
  • Toggle its button to ‘On.’ This action will enable it.
  • If you wish to disable the notifications, you can turn them ‘Off.’

Now you know the right way to enable (and disable the notifications). Thus, you’ll no longer find Outlook notifications not working.

Disabling New Alerts for a Particular Outlook Account

You can also turn off incoming email alerts for a particular account. But to do that, you must turn off the new mail desktop notifications for every account. After that, make a new mail desktop notification rule for every account besides the particular one you wish to disable notifications. 

  • In Outlook, tap ‘File.’
  • Now, choose ‘Options.’,
  • Tap ‘Mail’ in the left pane in the Outlook Options window. 
  • Remove the checkbox from the ‘Display a Desktop Alert’ box. 
  • Now, tap the ‘OK’ button.

To make a new mail notification rule, go through these points.

  • Tap ‘Rules’ followed by ‘Manage Rules & Alerts.’ 
  • Tap the ‘New Rule’ button in the dialog box of ‘Rules and Alerts’. It is present below the ‘Email Rules’ tab.
  • Tap ‘Apply rule on messages I receive’ in the section of ‘Start from a blank rule.’ 
  • Now, tap ‘Next.’
  • Click ‘Next’ without choosing any conditions in the second Rules Wizard. 
  • Tap ‘Yes’ in the Microsoft Outlook dialog box that displays.
  • Place a tick in the ‘Display a Desktop Alert’ box and tap the ‘Next’ in the third Rules Wizard.
  • In the subsequent Rules Wizard, place a tick on the ‘Except through the specified account box’ as the earlier step.
  • Tap the specified link text in the next step. 
  • Tap the email you will turn off new email alerts in the Account dialog.
  • Now, tap ‘OK.’ 
  • To proceed further, tap ‘Next.’
  • Input a name for the rule according to your preference in the last Rules Wizard. 
  • Place a tick on the ‘Turn on this rule box.’
  • Now, tap ‘Finish.’
  • Tap ‘OK’ in the Rules and Alerts window.

Final Thoughts

This article must have given you a good understanding of how to enable or disable Outlook Mail notifications. You can now easily edit the setting of notifications as per your preferences. If you need more help with configuring the notification settings in Outlook Mail, reach out to an expert email technical support service.