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Before starting your new post-summer hair care regimen, it is essential to repair any harm that long days in the sun and many pool visits may have done to your fragile locks.

Let’s get started!

1. Time for a Trim

First things first when it comes to after-summer hair care: Since summer is synonymous with moisture-sapped, environmentally harmed hair, here are some tips: 

Make an appointment with a hairstylist to have frayed ends, which make the hair appear fried and frazzled, removed. 

A half-inch or more of hair can be removed to give your hair a new life, more bounce, and surprising thickness. 

Additionally, “dusting” off the ends will guarantee that your hair grows happier and healthier after this trim.

2. Treat the Scalp

The healthier your roots are, the better your hair looks and responds to styling and treatments since healthy hair originates at the root. 

After the summer’s perspiration and oil, starting a weekly scalp detox is crucial to get rid of any buildup at your roots. 

The New Dawn Activated Charcoal Scalp Cleanser helps clear and exfoliate your scalp skin without removing any natural oils or debris; shinier, cleaner, and healthier hair results.

3. Focus on Repair

Start repairing the harm that the summer’s elements—the sun, salt, and chlorine—have done to your hair as soon as possible. 

To combat the drying effects of summer, switch to a reparative, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that will nourish your strands with a healthy dose of nutrients and hydration. 

A drink of rich omega fatty acids, argan oil, and numerous vitamins that leave the hair pliable and smooth repairs overstressed hair; second Chance Repairing Shampoo for Dry or Damaged Hair and Second Chance Repairing Conditioner for Dry or Damaged Hair are two such sumptuous products.

4. Mask Up

A creamy conditioning hair mask is equal parts protection and perfection, like a wheatgrass shot for your hair. 

Use it once a week to deep condition your hair, start rehydrating it after three months of baking, and help shield it from further drying and damage from hot styling equipment. 

Additionally, a butter-rich mask can help seal split ends and guard against further hair breakage, making thinning hair appear thicker.

While you clean the house or relax in the tub, saturate your hair from roots to ends with a butter masque. You can even use it as an overnight deep conditioning treatment on dry hair. 

Some of the richest and moisturizing butter found in nature will replenish moisture that has been lost and start to cure hair breakage, resulting in smoother strands.

Hair toppers and wigs are excellent protective styles for your natural hair in summer. They do not only make sure that you handle your hair less and give it time to grow out healthily, but they also assist in protecting your real hair.

Professional Tip: Using the mask mainly on the ends of your hair will prevent it from becoming weighed down if you have fine, thin hair or are prone to flat or oily roots.

5. Restore Your Color

Fun in the sun can also damage your color, especially if you have silver, white, blonde, or colored hair. 

The sun, salt, and chlorine can oxidize your fashionable hue, making it brassy, robbing your hair of color, and leaving it dehydrated and bleached.

Silver Lining Purple Brightening Shampoo, which can assist in eradicating any discoloration and even invoking a few Prince lyrics, is a violet-hued shampoo that can be used to beat the brass. 

But in all seriousness, its excellent color will tone down any warm undertones and revive your magnificent gray or whiplash blonde.

The color of your hair needs to be corrected if you highlight it. Consider changing your hair color for the upcoming season by adding a deeper foundation or softer highlights. 

Darker hair colors feed the strands with new pigments and conditioning chemicals that plump and rejuvenate strands rather than removing color from delicate locks, giving hair an instantly healthier appearance.

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