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Luvme a store worth checking out

2.1Lace front wigs

2.2How lace front wigs are made?

2.3Key features of lace front wigs

3.Wigs with Bangs

4.Wedding wigs


Wigs can be considered one of the greatest inventions in the beauty world. With wigs, people going through a hard time because of sudden hair loss can cope. They can easily cover up their baldness with wigs. With the passage of time and advances in technology and techniques, the wigs look more and more realistic than they ever did. Now even if you are wearing a wig over your head if it’s a good quality wig no one from a distance of two feet will be able to distinguish between with wig and your real hair. Luvmehair is a store that specializes in manufacturing and selling realistic looking and feeling wigs that are made from real human hair. Here in this article, we will tell you in detail about three types of human hair wigs that can be bought from the luvmehair store.

Lace front wigs

You might have gotten the clue from the name about what kind of wig this is. If you guessed that it is a wig that only has lace in the front section of the wig then you are right. Now the things about lace front wigs like their key features and how it is made that you can not guess from their name we will tell you in detail so you can have a deeper understanding of lace front wigs and can easily decide whether you should buy these wigs or not.

How lace front wigs are made?

Lace front wigs are generally made by knotting the hair stands by hand into the flesh colored lace that is incorporated in the front portion of the wig cap. The purpose of knotting the hair strands by hand to the lace is to make the hair flow freely and naturally. The bendability of the lace with the skin of the wearer is great due to the flesh color it has. While the rest of the wig cap is made from a stronger material which makes the wig more durable and long lasting.

Key features of lace front wigs 

1. Lace front wigs are very easy on the budget.

2. Lace front wigs are very beginner friendly.

3. Lace front wigs are very good for daily wear as these wigs are very breathable and comfortable to wear overhead for a longer duration of time.

4. Lace front wigs are very easy to install.

Wigs with Bangs

Wigs with bangs are an ideal mean to look stylish as well as coverup receding hairline. Especially for the people who face hair thinning issues from the front section of their head very much like to cover up that with bangs. If their natural hair is not enough to get good looking bangs that cover the whole forehead and receding hairline then wigs with bangs serve as an ideal way to achieve that.

Now if you want to know why you should buy wigs with bangs then we will give some reasons so continue reading.

  1. Low maintenance

You must already know that real hair requires a lot of maintenance many times you go to bed with wet hair and later the bangs are a mess. The good news is wigs with bangs don’t require as much maintenance as real hair do. The reason being unlike real hair bangs that need styling after every wash you don’t have to style your wigs with a bang as frequently. You are good to go with daily minor touch ups only. This is one of the reasons why wigs with bangs are so much desired by buyers it saves a lot of time too.

  1. Highlights the facial features

Wigs with bangs can very easily bring attention to the features you desire to emphasize. Such as the high cheekbones or your captivating eyes. With wigs with bangs, you can very easily be able to do that as these wigs highlight your facial features. Not only do they highlight the desirable features they can hide the unsatisfactory imperfections such as pimples on your forehead, a wide forehead, etc.

  1. Saves your hair from getting cut

We know how much people hesitate before cutting their hair especially if it’s about cutting bangs. Due to this reason, wigs with bangs are a very good way to get the bangs without cutting the natural hair. Even though hair grows back but it takes time if you buy wigs with bangs you don’t have to go through the trouble of cutting your hair.

Wedding wigs 

Nowadays wedding wigs are becoming an essential accessory for the bride as these wigs are natural and gorgeous looking. With wedding wigs, brides can choose to get any color, length, texture, and style they want on their big day. Now having a bad hairstyle is not an issue on your big day .With wedding wigs you can very easily captivate everyone as the hairstyle is a big part of the whole look especially if you are a bride. If you are planning to buy a wedding wig for your big day we recommend you to check out the luvmehair store as they have specially designed and manufactured wigs for weddings. These wedding wigs are not only perfect for the brides but the guests as well. So even if you are not a bride yourself but just attending a wedding you should still check out this collection. 


Now after reading this article you know how all three kinds of wigs mentioned in this article come with their key features. Wedding wigs are specially designed keeping brides in mind. Lace front wigs are a good option for first time wig buyers. Wigs with bangs are a good way to highlight facial features. Out of these three wigs which wig you should buy is your decision but we hope that this article has helped you in making that decision.