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The third period of the Fishstick mission in the Fortnite Season 5 Week 11, players are needed to Find Rose at Steel Farm. All the stage difficulties are Valentine-themed and take the players to the guide to help NPCs discover their valentines for the afternoon.

Major parts in the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have just acknowledged the demands and need to realize how to discover the steel homestead’s rose. In any case, players first need to finish stages one and two to discover the steel ranch roses.

What is the Fortnite Week 11 Challenge?

The Fortnite Week 11 test is the Wild Heart occasion, and it is live at this point. Players overall are acknowledging the demands and winning various makeup and updates with XPs. The Week 11 Challenge is a piece of Season 5 Fortnite, and it has a few Valentine-themed journeys that players need to finish.

The missions reward the players with XPs and different prizes. Fishstick is the humanoid fellow in the game and looking for a valentine. Players need to respond to the call and help him Find Rose at Steel Farm.

The most recent journey is to locate the rose at the steel ranch, and players need to look on the guide and locate the rose for the guppy fellow and complete the mission for remunerations. Be that as it may, players are thinking that its difficult to find the rose and searching for online assistance.

Kindly don’t freeze, as there is a route accessible to assist you with getting the rose at the steel ranch and win prizes upon effective fulfillment of the stage. The following is the guide that can help you locate the rose on the guide and win some XPs without complexities.

How to Find Rose at Steel Farm?

Discovering rose at the steel far is the relaxed mission in the Week 11 journey, and players need to finish it to continue and win compensations as XPs. There are two areas where players can locate the rose – the steel ranch, and the plantation.

Thus, players are finding these two areas on the guide to snatch the rose and win rewards.

The journey is to locate the rose at these areas and not to get it. Along these lines, on the off chance that you pick the rose subsequent to thinking that its, the mission would get confounded for you.

The players need to go round the house at the steel ranch. There are roses close to corn boxes under the windowsill. There are numerous roses you can situate at this spot.

Steel ranch is situated in the north of the guide on top of the gas station. It is the island near the east of Colossal Coliseum.

The mission is to Find Rose at Steel Farm, and you can win the journey by finding just one rose


Before you start your chase for the rose at one or the other area, you need to choose which area you need to investigate. The rose is accessible at two diverse game areas, the steel ranch and the plantation.

Players are now on the mission of finding the rose and winning XPs consequently. It’s anything but something difficult without a doubt. Follow the simple advances referenced above and discover the roses at the steel ranch. Recall you are simply needed to discover the roses and not to pick them.

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