Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

In FIFA there are meta players who dominate in their positions at this moment, today I’m going to show you the best players in the entire game and the 11 best meta players you can use in FIFA 23. These players are going to help you improve your team in FIFA Ultimate and dominate online in FUT Champions Division Rivals. If you want to know how to make more FIFA 23 Coins in the game, follow this guide.

Right Center Back:

The first position is the center-back, and the player I recommend to use who might even be better than Kimpembe from last year’s FIFA, his is 83 rated, named Ronald Araújo from Barca. He is faster than you thinking in the game and his stats are phenomenal as well. Right now he is my current favorite center-back to use, and the most meta center-back in all of FIFA 23, so do not ignore this guy he should be on the first place on your Ultimate Team. 

FIFA 23 Ronald Araújo

Left Back:

For the left back spot, Theo Hernandez. Be honest the overall stats are mind-blowing, he is the best left back in the game, make sure to add him to your Ultimate Team in FIFA 23. 

FIFA 23 Theo Hernandez

Right Back:

Then let’s check the right back spot, I have to talk about the Kyle Walker, he is a big surprise here with the amazing 91 pace, obviously if you’re looking for a very strong fallback, he’s great and meta player.

FIFA 23 Kyle Walker


The goalkeeper position is not easy to choose. However in FIFA 23 goalkeepers do seem improved. The goalkeeper that I would like to use most so far is Mike Maignan. There is a big upgrade for Maignan with fantastic stats rate including 89 reflexes, 85 kicking and 85 positioning, he might be the best goalkeeper in the entirety of this season of FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Mike Maignan

Left Center Back:

Now moving on to left center back though, and it might surprise you, because Antonio Rüdiger is the the best choice. For me, he almost dominates Center back, and I think he’s gonna be very meta for a while especially Playing For Real Madrid with that link with so many good players at that club, I think he might be the best center back.

FIFA 23 Antonio Rüdiger

Center Mid:

To the center mid position, I think this will out of your expects, because I think Nabil Fekir is one of the best. If you want to know the reason why he worth 50k, just take a quick look at his stats, they are actually unbelievable with 91 balance and 83 finishing. He is a phenomenal card this year, and you really need to buy this guy, he’s definitely game breaking. 

FIFA 23 Nabil Fekir

Center Mid:

The one next to the Nabil Fekir is Leon Goretzka, this card is genuinely phenomenal, I’ve noticed the center mids have to be strong and fast in this game, and you can check the Leon Goretzka’s stats: 85 shot power and 78 pace, fantastic long shots, I really like his card this year.

FIFA 23 Leon Goretzka

Left Mid:

So far I’ve spent almost all my coins that I’ve got on these players, however we’ve got to keep going, we are not going to buy Neymar, I do like him as a meta option, however I want to show you guys not only more affordable options, but options you might not considerate before, he is Vinícius Júnior. For me he’s cracked in game, and he is absolutely wonderful in this game with 95 pace, just go and get him in your Ultimate Team. If you really struggle in FUT Coins making, using the third-party trading site is the most swift method to collect enough coins. Some trustworthy sites like could be your best choose for trading.

FIFA 23 Vinícius Júnior

Right Mid:

Let’s move on to the right wing, Ousmane Dembélé, nearly 100K pay for this card, five star Skill Moves and Weak Foot, you cannot miss out on this card. 

FIFA 23 Ousmane Dembélé


Now we move on to the most important matter positions in FIFA 23, the striker position, we’re goiong to start off with a surprise and that is Christopher Nkunku. This card is absolutely monstrous, cannot stress enough how good this card is, if he was in the Premier League, he might be 600K FIFA 23 Coins that is how gifted this man is in FIFA 23. He can play as a Striker or Center forward, which is perfect, you can’t get any more perfect than that, he really is the perfect player in this FIFA, his stats are also amazing, 86 finishing, 89 Sprint speed, 90 balance and 80 agility. He is an absolute monster card, get him in your team now.

FIFA 23 Christopher Nkunku


The Last position, we are going for Marcus Rashford, he is great in this FIFA, if you want a fast Striker and a good finisher, he’s got 87 pace and 81 finishing, his dribbling with the Fives-star Skill Moves feels more like an 85 rated player in FIFA 23, definitely he is a ridiculously fun card to use, and Incredibly meta in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Marcus Rashford

By the way, for the beginning players, I recommend that chasing the meta team should not be your first goal. You can start building your dream team after making enough coins. Buy FUT 23 Coins from the online sellers could be your option but you have to choose a good site. Some reviews on the rating sites like can help you a lot on finding great 3rd party sites. is a good one that I have used for a long while, you can check it anytime you like and hope you enjoy your matches in FIFA 23. Want to get Free FIFA 23 Coins? Follow UTnice Twitter now and keep an eye on their giveaway events!