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Kitchen Canister Sets

To make a perfect cup of tea, two basic ingredients are needed. For this reason, these two ingredients hold a permanent place in every kitchen pantry. It is important that you have a tea canister set that will keep your tea leaves, coffee and sugar fresh and safe from moisture or spills. Aside from storing the ingredients, these sets will also create an attractive kitchen interior in addition. When you take a look around and explore the area, you will see that there are several different types of container sets available, some made up of stainless steel, others made up of glass, while others are made up of plastic. As a solution to your confusion over which sugar and tea container set to purchase, we have provided you with a list of four choices. Read also about: kitchen renovation company in dubai

The following are the four best canister sets:

1. Liza stainless steel container set

In this article, we are bringing you a good quality set with four different sized jars for storing tea leaves, coffee, sugar, and masala for chai. Moreover, the cute and compact size will bring maximum efficiency to your storage, as well as adding charm to the overall look of your kitchen pantry.

2. Prosac kitchen stainless steel premium color coated & printed set

There are three jars included in this combo set, all made from stainless steel material, that can be used separately to store coffee, tea leaves and sugar. Each of the jars has a capacity of 800 ml of content.

3. Zavian stainless steel tea-sugar container set

We have made another set using quality stainless steel material that is high in quality and does not rust. Strong and sturdy, this combo set of two jars ensures durability and better performance and is also finished with a mirror-like shine that makes it look great in any kitchen.

4. Elan tea and sugar curved canister

It is made of a durable powder-coated stainless steel and is 100% food safe, making it a perfect choice for those looking for something to enhance their kitchen decor. You can also gift this set as a gift to someone you love.

What is the Tea Powder Supplies ?

Generally, tea powder supplies is a powdered form of tea leaves derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant. The tea leaves are dried and processed into powder, and the powder can take the form of thick or fine granules. It is important to note that the flavor, color, aroma, and astringency of tea powder may vary from tea variety to tea variety.

What to do with tea powder 

It’s easy to use quality tea powder to make so many delicious drinks, but it also has so many other uses than just drinking. Here are some of the things you can make Iced tea with our quality instant tea powder.

There’s nothing better than iced tea to cool off with. You can make it into a variety of variations by adding mint, lemon, organic sweetener and even pieces of watermelon to alter the taste of iced tea. Iced tea is suitable for both adults and children and everyone feels refreshed and happy when they drink it. The most common way to drink iced tea is with fresh lemon slices inside the cup accompanied by medium size ice cubes. The lemons add a touch of zing to the overall taste of the tea, giving it an energizing taste that refreshes the senses.


1 cup of cold water

Tall 8 oz glass

6 medium size ice cubes

Instant tea powder 

2 tablespoons of lemonade

2-3 fresh lemon slices (the more slices the stronger the taste)

Sugar or other organic sweetener (optional)


Pour 1/8th of a teaspoon (a pinch) of instant tea powder into a tall glass and top with sugar or other organic sweetener if you like.

Stir tea powder into 6-7 fl oz of cold water.

Slowly stir in the lemonade and ice cubes.

Add the lemon slices, stir for a second, and enjoy!