Skincare is not only a subject that girls focus on undefined but more and more man are now paying more attention to facial skin management as well. Of courseundefined one of the things that must be mentioned about skincare is adhering to the correct skincare routine. This guide takes a closer look at each of these steps.

What exactly is the order of skincare? Should I use this product or that product first? Should I use my serum before or after my toner? And where do I apply my eye cream?

The correct steps in the skincare routine.

1. Cleansing

Cleansing the skin is the first step in the beauty process. If you do not cleanse your skin properly every dayundefined no care products will have the desired effect.

2. Toner / Lotion

Toners are used to re-cleanse the skinundefined balance the skin’s pH levelundefined replenish moisture and strengthen the sebum film.

3. Eye care

Eye cream is a relatively easy step to overlook and is usually used after water. According to the age of the skinundefined choose the right eye creamundefined for girls in their early 20’s we can choose a refreshing moisturizing typeundefined around 25 years old we have to choose the anti-ageing effect typeundefined after 25 years oldundefined with the loss of collagenundefined the skin state will changeundefined here most often need to focus on maintenance is the eye!

4. Serums

Essence can promote the absorption of deep maintenanceundefined accelerate metabolism and strong replenishment and other effectsundefined serum is generally used in the same way as eye cream after the waterundefined the amount of serum will generally be lessundefined dipped in the size of soybean particlesundefined gently massage on the face can be.

5. Lotion

It can replenish the skin’s overall nutrition and promote cell regeneration. Different seasonsundefined different skin types and different skin areas should use different emollients to ensure the skin’s normal needs. The lotion is used after the essence and will have a moisturising and water-locking effect on the skin.

6. Face cream

The cream is generally used after the lotionundefined is the thickest texture of all skin care productsundefined and has the role of locking the effectiveness of the above skin care products. The use of the cream can be selected depending on your skin typeundefined for exampleundefined for oily skin in summer you can not choose to use the cream. Dip an appropriate amount into the cream and gently smooth over the face until absorbed.

7. Sunscreen

The main effect of sunscreen is to prevent UV rays. Isolation creams can also protect against external pollution and computer radiationundefined in addition to UV damage. If you want to have a good skin conditionundefined you should start with sunscreen! Keep up the sun protection habit for a long time!

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