End tables are an essential piece of furniture that you are bound to find in any home. These are versatile, and high on function, however, styling the end tables or side tables always becomes an afterthought for most of us. The side tables go beyond just being the storage space to hold our coffee mugs, books, or other day-to-day things. Many times it’s the end table that helps us to complete the look of our interiors. Who doesn’t like professional advice while decorating the interiors, hence we bring to you some styling advice for your end tables to make them stand out.

Explore the new designs: Gone are the days when an end table was merely a plain wooden table, they have undergone a complete transformation in the last couple of decades. You will find a variety of shapes of end tables in the market. From various geometrical shapes to the latest c-shaped end tables, the options to pick an end table that can add a quirky twist to your interiors are limitless. So before you jump the gun and pick something randomly from the local market, consider checking out the online furniture store that has a host of newer end table designs.

Pick the perfect material: While shopping for an end table or side table don’t just settle for anything. These come in various materials of wood, metal, a combination of both, or even with glass top. Pick the side table material that fits into your interior décor theme. For example, if your interiors have a modern touch, then get a side table with a glass top and metal stand. For houses that have warm traditional décor, then a beautifully carved Sheesham side table will only further beautify the look of the space.  

Keep it simple: Don’t clutter your side table by adding too many decorative pieces to it. Follow the rule of only 3. This means, no more than 3 decorative pieces should be on the end tables. It could be either a small photo frame of the most important people in your life, a small vase with succulents, or maybe a small side lamp for adding extra lighting to your space. 

Change the arrangement often: Letting your side table hold the same things for a long period can make it look boring. Spice up the look of your room by changing the decorative items on your side table. This also adds a fresh perspective to your entire space. To give your side table a dramatic look, stack up a couple of same-height books, and then place a lamp over it. 

Find peace in symmetry: Nothing can draw more attention to your interiors than tasteful symmetry. When a room is symmetrically designed and decorated it naturally makes it attractive to look at. If you are wondering how to add symmetry using end tables, then here are a few things you can do, like adding similar kinds of end tables on both sides of the sofa, and placing the same number of items on both the side tables, if not the same items.

There you go! Follow these styling tips and give your side tables a charismatic makeover.