As a prequel series set 200 years before the occasions of Round of Lofty positions, we realize that each person in Place of the Mythical beast is ill-fated to bite the dust eventually.

Following episode 6’s 10-year time bounce, Aemond Targaryen has developed into a vital figure in the preparing pressures as the battlefronts among Rhaenyra and Alicent have become progressively characterized.

Be that as it may, after the scene moving occasions of episode 7, what will happen to Aegon Targaryen in Place of the Mythical serpent and how can he bite the dust in the books?

Aemond is set to assume an undeniably vital part in Place of the Mythical beast as the years progress and the Targaryen Nationwide conflict at long last breaks out.

As the beginning of hard and fast conflict is going to start, both Aemond and Lucerys are sent by their families to Tempest’s Finish to look for a coalition with the Baratheons

Subsequent to leaving Tempest’s End, notwithstanding, Aemond and his mythical serpent Vhagar pursue down his cousin and kill both Lucerys and his own mythical serpent, Arrax. As vengeance for losing his own eye, Aemond eliminates both of Luke’s eyes consequently.

Following the Fight at Rook’s Rest, Aegon Targaryen is severely injured which brings about Aemond filling in as Ruler Official for a year in his sibling’s stead.

While filling in as Sovereign Official, Aemond and Criston Cole lead a power to take Harrenhal from Daemon Targaryen however when they show up, they discover that Daemon is no longer there as he has traveled to assist Rhaenyra with taking Ruler’s Arrival.

Aemond Targaryen kicks the bucket in the books following a legendary battle with Daemon Targaryen.

Later in the conflict, Daemon got back to Harrenhal wanting to battle Aemond and he hung tight at the post for 13 days until his adversary at last regarded the test.

What followed was a genuinely wonderful exhibition as Aemond riding Vhagar and Daemon on Caraxes battled over the Divine beings Eye Lake.

The fight finished with the two winged serpents diving into the water beneath. During the plummet, Daemon hopped onto Vhagar mid-air and cut Aemond through his eye similarly as the winged serpents collided with the lake.

Aemond and Vhagar’s bodies are found years after the fact and pulled from the lake with Daemon’s sword, Dull Sister, actually distending from Aemond’s eye attachment.

In the mean time, Daemon’s mythical serpent Caraxes figured out how to drag himself from the water after the fight, just to pass on before the walls of Harrenhal while Daemon’s body was rarely found.