Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
Dirty vs. Clean Bulking- The Pros and Cons

You must implement calorie surplus to gain muscle mass. Bodybuilding can be oversimplified as putting on weight.

Even though protein is the fundamental nutrient in bodybuilding, keeping other macros in check is crucial yet challenging. Bodybuilders follow two primary strategies to achieve the required surplus.

What is Bulking Exactly?

There are two main routines and phases in bodybuilding, Bulking and Cutting. Bulking refers to putting on weight, primarily muscle, by being in a calorie surplus and performing high-intensity workouts. You also put on a considerable amount of fat. Some people also buy steroids for this purpose. They help with muscle binding and boost overall progress.

To shed off the fat covering the muscle, you need to be in a calorie deficit which is done so in a cutting phase. You lose the excess weight while preserving the muscle, so the muscles are more prominent and accentuated.

Being in a calorie surplus to bulk, you can either be selective of what you eat or go all out and eat without any restrictions.

Dirty Bulking

Dirty Bulking removes the restriction of being particularly selective about what you consume. During a dirty bulk, bodybuilders tend to eat calorie-dense processed foods.

These foods are usually high in protein. However, not much regard is paid to the other macros, the most considerable being processed fats.

Foods to prefer

Dirty Bulking is quite simple as compared to eating clean. The diet mainly consists of processed foods packed with calories to gain weight quickly. Fast food is a prevalent choice for dirty bulkers as it provides calories, protein, and plenty of fats to put on muscle and fat fast.


Putting on any weight is a prevalent choice among people willing to put on weight at all costs. People who are naturally skinny incorporate dirty bulking as it ensures mass gain.

Moreover, advanced bodybuilders also turn to such diet plans. They go through extreme bulking followed by equally intense cutting; hence consuming plenty of calories is beneficial for their goals.

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It’s common knowledge that fast food and processed calories aren’t exactly good for your health. The same case applies here. Dirty bulking can significantly increase the risk of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Moreover, it can make your body insulin resistant and initiate diabetes if your body doesn’t cope with sugars well.

Clean Bulking

Clean bulking is the other side of the same coin. It refers to bodybuilders being picky about what they consume. People who clean bulk prioritize protein while minimizing fat and processed sugars from their diet.

Eating Clean

Your diet will consist of whole and minimally processed foods regarding clean bulking. Due to the intricacy, you may be required to prepare your meals, adjusting macros accordingly.

Your diet will consist of lean Proteins, healthy fats, natural sugars, whole carbohydrates, and fiber-rich greens for a clean bulk.


Clean bulking is considerably more advantageous as compared to dirty bulking. Eating healthy foods with minimal processing ensures the normal functioning of your body and prevents any spikes or imbalances.

Athletes, gymnasts, and people looking to build a lean stature tend to prefer clean bulk as the dramatic increase in muscle size isn’t their priority.


Strictly speaking, clean bulking has no adverse effects on your health. However, clean bulking is much harder to achieve in terms of feasibility. You need to practice strict discipline to be able to clean the bulk.

Your diet becomes much more intricate and specific as you need to abide by your macros. It will test your patience as the results may not be so apparent from the start.


to fuel your body to put on muscle and weight, you need to be in a calorie surplus. There are two primary strategies to bulk up. Dirty bulking removes the restrictions of being picky or what you eat.

Bodybuilders dirty bulk to put on rapid weight by eating calorie-dense foods. Clean bulk, on the other hand, requires one to calculate their macros and eat accordingly. It’s much more complicated and demanding but produces healthier and sustainable results.

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