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Custom dog phone case are made from specifically selected materials that offer the benefit of being slimline and lightweight while extremely strong and durable. All pet phone cases are custom-made to match the dimensions of your specific phone model for an ultra snug fit, complete protection of the phone. We’ll show you new custom dog phone case.

Personalized Basset Phone Case | Custom Realistic Dog iPhone Case | Illustrated Dog Samsung Case | Basset Dog Lover Unique Gift | ICPLP18

Customizable Dog Phone Case is the perfect gift for anyone who thinks their dog is superior to everyone else. This phone case depicts a watercolor basset hound dog in a custom background. 

There is also a black signature font version of this design available. By typing in any text you want, you can create a customized dog image with a bone-bearing Basset Hound cartoon face. It can be personalized with the name of anyone who loves basset hounds or pets in general. 

You can make a great traveling present for someone by personalizing a phone case for their pet. Anyone can personalize this case with their favorite canine breed. The image will appear on the case. 

Additionally, you can order a matching dog sticker to apply to your phone or laptop.

These custom cases are printed edge to edge with a matte finish and a durable plastic shell, thin and lightweight profile.

Extra shock absorption comes from the case’s robust dual silicone layer. This allows the case to provide the ultimate level of protection with a rugged exterior. 

iPhone Ultra-Aseismic Case – Love

People who love their pets can show off their affection with these cases, make great gifts as well. They will enjoy receiving custom dog phone case with pictures of their favorite pets on them. 

They can select any colors or patterns for their case when they place an order.

You can choose one photo to put on the case, then upload it to the website. From there, the website will create a cartoon image of the pet on the case. The durable material resists scratches and smudges.

Scratching off the finish when removing the stickers is preventable. The ports and buttons you interact with are easy to access and use. Additional protection comes from the ribbing located inside the case.

Despite its thin nature, the case still provides full body protection for the iphone, as well as maintaining all of their functions. The case also highlights the original look and feel of the iphone , making it an elegant looking accessory. This case contains an aseismic airbag that offers drop protection on all four sides.

Custom Pet Portrait Phone Case

Custom Pet Portrait Phone Case allows pets to guard their owners’ phones like they would guard them from mice, squirrels, and postmen.  Pets love protecting their owners, so this case is a great idea.

If you want to bring your pet with you everywhere, phone cases are a great option.

Simply choose a costume, upload a picture of your pet, and we’ll do the rest. Talented designers will turn your pet into a regal portrait and print you a one of a kind case you’ll love.

Whenever you look at your phone, you can see your adorable pet staring back at you. 

Your phone case can be customized with any design or phrase. They’re made from the same durable amorphous polymers used in space missions and bicycle helmets. This makes them perfect for regular use!This makes it easy to take pictures of them or show off their cuteness to friends.

Include the names of any pets you have. Notes and any other comments can be added to this section.

Custom Photo iPhone Case | Personalized Custom Photo iPhone Case | Custom Pet Phone Case | Pet Lovers | Perfect Gift

The best pet in the universe is a dog or cat, but people might ask about the phone case. Have your friend nearby and enjoy the cuteness whenever someone asks about it. You can show off yours with a custom pet phone case that fits any mobile device. These pet portrait cases can be purchased for iPhones or Androids, and they can be customized with your pet’s name and even a short message

Producer can draw any animal you want in order to make a custom gift. You can preview what the finished product will look like before it is printed by reviewing the digital copy. 

A complimentary digital version of your art is included with each custom pet phone case.We will make any requested changes to the art until you are satisfied with the end result.

You can customize the phone case’s appearance to your pet’s tastes once you confirm that you appreciate their art.

You can choose a translucent or clear background with a specific chosen color. You can also choose a hard case or flexi-case. Pets are positioned along the bottom or side of the case in this option. With this option, you can also decide whether you want your pet’s name to be visible or not and what font it should be written in. Additionally, you can decide whether you want to use a regular or cursive signature font.

Before the case is produced, you can make changes to the pet portrait and position pictured on a chosen background. It protects the phone from dirt, oil, dust and scratches. It easily flips open and closed thanks to its flexible sides that fit perfectly around the phone.

Looking after your smartphone is important, and we want to make that job a little easier for you. Made from hard shell plastic in a range of sizes, our one-of-a-kind custom dog phone case fit flawlessly on a selection of devices, and protect your phone from any  shock.

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