Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Bikes are considered one of the most unsafe and dangerous vehicles. Since these were invented, many road accidents have been witnessed. If, unfortunately, you have experienced a motorcycle accident, it becomes important to check whether or not you have a concussion. A concussion can be defined as a brain injury that occurs due to a serious shock or blows to the body and head. A concussion occurs when the brain collides with the inner walls of the human skull. Signs and symptoms of concussion vary from one person to another. But it is not always the motorcyclist’s fault. A negligent car driver can be a reason for a motorcycle accident too. In such cases, it is important to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver. You can hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to achieve better results. Hiring a lawyer can increase the chance so winning the claim.

Since bike accidents are a common cause of concussion, here are some of the most common signs that indicate you have a concussion after the accident.


Headache is a very common symptom of concussion. Though it can occur for several other reasons, if you notice that the frequency and intensity of headache after the accident has increased, followed by some other symptoms mentioned below, it is a clear indicator that you might have a concussion. You need to visit your doctor and follow the prescriptions regularly to achieve better results.

Lack of Coordination

Lack of coordination after the accident is another sign that indicates concussion. You will find it difficult to balance your body all by yourself and will need support most of the time. People often think it happens due to weakness after the injury or the medicines. Still, it’s better to get yourself checked by a physician rather than arrive at any conclusion based on assumptions because it is another clear indicator of concussion.


Constant fatigue is also a symptom of concussion. Many of us don’t pay attention to it and again start assuming the causes randomly, but at times it indicates a severe underlying condition such as concussion. Fatigue that lasts longer than two weeks of the accident, along with headache and lack of coordination, must be reported to the physician immediately, who will then perform certain tests to confirm whether all these symptoms are occurring because of concussion or any other complexity after the accident.

Disturbed Sleep

Another very common but not clear indicator of concussion is disturbed sleep patterns. Insomnia, difficulty in sleeping, and poor sleep quality are all signs of concussion. Hence, if you are not experiencing the other symptoms mentioned above, it is quite obvious that you have a concussion. Though many other concussion symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, light sensitivity, and so on, not all of these are clear indicators. Hence, if you experience the four symptoms and some other signs, rush to the hospital at your earliest convenience.

Early identification and treatment for concussion can help with recovery and save you from many negative consequences. In some cases, where the injuries or damage caused by an accident are less, a concussion occurs temporarily and can be cured easily through proper medication, therapies, and monitoring. However, at the same time, in some fatal accidents, a concussion can lead to further complications and become life-threatening. Therefore, you must take plenty of rest and care to avoid the long-term effects of concussion and recover properly.