Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Sandcastles, swimming, and beach volleyball — a holiday at the beach can be lots of fun. However, problems also lurk. Insects, boredom, sand everywhere — the problems are endless. If you’re not careful, the long-awaited day at the beach can turn into a real flop. The key to success is good preparation. It goes without saying that this helpful checklist below is essential.


Sunscreen is almost a classic item every beachgoer has. But it’s also commonly forgotten. Of course, you need a full bottle or tube to protect your skin from sunburn. If possible, opt for one with a sun protection factor of 50+. Also, applying lotion before you get dressed at home will ensure full coverage and that the sand doesn’t immediately stick to your whole body.

Light Clothing

The big advantage of a beach holiday is that you only need to pack light and loose clothing; thick and heavy clothing usually isn’t necessary (you probably only need a sweater for evening walks by the beach). In most cases, a sarong wrap, a cotton shirt, a pair of chinos, and a couple of summer dresses should do the trick.

Waterproof Protective Cases

If you have a particularly high-priced cell phone, you might not want to leave it on the beach. One solution is to use special protective covers that are available in many phone stores – they keep sand and water away from your smartphone. Note that the protective function is limited to a certain water depth. There are also different price categories and locking mechanisms that you should compare when purchasing.

Hygiene And First Aid

Even on a beach holiday, the topic of your health shouldn’t be ignored when packing. This is especially important if you’re travelling abroad for your holiday. Cases of diarrhea and food poisoning are quite high in some areas and let’s not forget mosquito bites and the odd blister people usually get while on vacation. A first-aid kit, therefore, belongs in every suitcase.

As for hygiene items, the requirements are based on the individual. Some people just need a shower gel for washing their body and hair, while others prefer the whole collection — shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, face cream, body lotion, etc. If you want to pack light, it might be best to go for the first option. Be aware that many beach resorts also sell these items. This can save you some extra space in your luggage. If you opt for the latter then take travel sized versions – you can buy reusable bottles online and fill with your preferred products.

Fun Items

If you think a beach holiday is only about lounging around lazily on the beach, you might be in for a big surprise. Beaches are famous for hosting snorkeling, beach volleyball, and other activities. It might be a good idea to pack some fun items, which will come in handy if you’re travelling in a large group.

To conclude, if you plan a summer vacation on the beach, you must pack carefully, regardless of whether you’re going to Greece, Spain or Ibiza. In addition to the above items, it helps to prepare an extensive beach holiday checklist. You probably wouldn’t have forgotten the sunscreen even without this list, but better safe than sorry.