Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
FIFA World Cup

With the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 just around the corner, fans of the beautiful game all over the world are eager to find out how they can watch their favourite teams in action. If you’re based in the UK, you’re in luck – there are plenty of ways to catch all the live action on Surprise Sports, whether you want to watch on TV, streaming services, or even listen on the radio. In this blog post, we’ll run through all your options so that you can make sure you don’t miss a single minute of the action.

Watching on TV

The FIFA World Cup will be broadcast on both BBC and ITV in the UK, giving fans plenty of choice when it comes to watching live matches. This is great news as it means that everyone will be able to find a channel that suits their schedule. The partnership between the two broadcasters was announced back in 2018 and means that both free-to-air and pay-TV football fans will be catered for.

If you want to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in United Kingdom on BBC, you’ll need a TV licence which costs £154.50 per year. With a TV licence, you can watch live matches on BBC One and BBC Two as well as highlights packages on BBC Three. All matches will also be available to stream live and on demand on BBC iPlayer.

ITV will also be showing live matches as well as highlights packages across its channels. To watch matches on ITV, you won’t need a TV licence as the channel is free-to-air. However, if you want to watch matches on ITV Player (the broadcaster’s streaming service), you will need to sign up for an account which is free of charge.

Streaming Services

In addition to traditional TV channels, there are also a number of streaming services that will show live coverage of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Provided you have a decent internet connection, streaming services offer a great way to watch matches without having to worry about finding a TV or tuning in at a specific time. You can usually pay for these services monthly and cancel at any time.

One option is NOW TV which offers two sports passes – one for Sky Sports and one for BT Sport. A day pass for Sky Sports costs £9.99 while a month pass costs £33.99 per month. A day pass for BT Sport costs £6.99 while a month pass costs £25 per month. It’s worth noting that a NOW TV account also gives you access to over 60 other channels including entertainment, kids’, and news channels.

Another popular streaming service is Prime Video which is part of Amazon Prime membership. An annual subscription currently costs £79 per year although this price may increase closer to the start of the tournament. With Prime Video, you’ll be able to watch 38 live matches as well as highlights packages from every game played during the tournament. You can also add sport-specific channel packs such as Eurosport Player HD monthly for £6.99 or BT Sport HD monthly for £29.99 although these prices may increase closer toward kick-off time too

Listening on Radio

For those who want to catch all the action but don’t want to sit in front of a screen all day, listening to games on the radio is a great alternative option. Although commentary might not be as exciting as watching adrenaline-fuelled match footage, it’s still possible to get caught up in all the tension and drama – especially if your team is involved in a close match!

In order to listen to games on radio, you’ll need a DAB radio which can cost anywhere from around £20 upwards depending on features and quality levels  . Once you have your DAB radio set up ,you’ll then need to tune into either talkSPORT or Absolute Radio where commentary from some of Britain’s best-loved sports commentators will keep you up-to-date with all the latest action .


Whether you want to watch on TV ,stream online ,or listen on radio ,there are plenty of ways that you can follow all the action from Qatar 2022 no matter where you are in the UK . Just remember to choose your preferred method and plan ahead so that you don’t miss out !