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Almost everyone experiences stubborn fat pockets that do not go away, although they invest a lot of money and time in the gym and nutritious diets. Many people also deal with excess skin after losing a ton of weight or having a baby. In both conditions, body contouring is the solution. 

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring, or body sculpting, is a surgical or nonsurgical procedure that can remove excess fat from the body, tighten skin, and strengthen muscles. The excess fat can be removed from almost any part of the body. The good news is that the removed fat in surgical body contouring can be purified and injected into any part patients want to give volume, like the butt, cheeks, etc. 
In body sculpting, patients do not usually lose weight. However, it helps improve body shape by attacking pockets of fat that cannot be eliminated by regular exercise or diet. Body contouring targets most parts of the body. Common sites include:
•    Arms
•    Back
•    Belly and flanks 
•    Buttocks
•    Neck and chin
•    Thighs

Who are the Best Candidates for Body sculpting?

All people who want to sculpt their body and are currently at a stable weight can do body countering. As body contouring also deals with sagging skin, it is usually the best choice for people who have done weight loss surgery or childbirth and are looking for a way to remove excess skin. 

What are Common Types of Body Contouring Procedures?

Several body contouring procedures are available today, each with its benefits. These procedures fall into two categories: invasive and non-invasive.

What is Non-invasive Body Contouring? 

Non-invasive body countering, also known as nonsurgical body contouring, is when the entire procedure takes place on the skin’s external surface. The most popular methods of non-invasive body contouring are as the followings:
•    Cryolipolysis, or controlled cooling, uses freezing temperatures to attack and destroy fat cells.
•    Laser lipolysis uses controlled heating and laser energy to target fat cells.
•    Radiofrequency lipolysis uses controlled heating and ultrasound technology to eliminate fat cells.
Most patients see the results gradually within a couple of months after treatment. There is no need for anesthesia or incisions, and the recovery time is usually very short. This treatment is permanent because the fat cells are destroyed. However, if patients gain weight after the procedure, it could affect their body sculpting.
Some non-invasive Body countering benefits are:
•    Convenience: Typically, patients can do their daily activities immediately after the treatment.
•    Limited risks and side effects: It is very unlikely for anyone to experience any severe or adverse side effects with these treatments. There may usually be a slight burning; however, only minor side effects have been reported, such as mild redness and swelling. 
•    Cost: For many people, non-invasive body contouring procedures may be more cost-effective.

What is Invasive/Surgical Body Contouring? 

As results from surgery are more noticeable and immediate, some people may prefer surgery over nonsurgical options. 
The most common invasive body countering surgeries are:
•    Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
•    Liposuction
•    Arm Lift
•    Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)
•    Body Lift
•    Thigh Lift
•    Panniculectomy

In these treatment types, the first step is to meet a plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon, or other certified trained provider. One of the best ways to find a qualified surgeon is to ask friends or family members who have had contouring procedures performed. You can also search online for surgeons who do these procedures in your area.
The patients give their medical history during the appointment, including health conditions, allergies, and previous surgeries. They discuss any medications they are taking, as well as their use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs. Then, the physician will examine and measure the area they want to change, take pictures, discuss the options, and make recommendations. The physician will also inform the patients about the risks and options and discuss anesthesia and post-surgery pain.

The surgery length can differ depending on the amount of fat to be removed. Usually, it takes around an hour or more. The surgical sites are marked during the procedure, and local or general anesthesia is administered. The procedure usually involves small incisions to be made in the areas having excess fat deposits. After the procedure, the body will be wrapped with bandages to protect the ports while healing. Most people go home the same day. They should wear a compression garment for a few weeks. This will speed up the healing process. The patients should avoid bending, straining, or lifting for up to two weeks, depending on the procedure performed. A massage after the surgery will reduce swelling and hasten the recovery. The healing process usually takes a few weeks. Once bandages are taken off, the body size changes are obvious.

What are the Risks of Body Contouring Surgery?

No surgery is risk-free. Body contouring surgery risks, although very uncommon, can include:
•    Infection
•    Asymmetry (both sides do not look the same)
•    Bleeding/ blood clots
•    Problems caused by anesthesia, such as nausea or vomiting 
•    Damage to nerves, blood vessels, muscles, or organs
•    Hair loss near incisions
•    Poor incisions healing
•    Nerve injury could cause weakness, numbness, or changes in how skin feels.
•    Pain or swelling that lasts longer than expected
•    Results you don’t like, which could require revision surgery
•    Scarring 
•    Skin disorders and discoloration

Is body sculpting Permanent?

Depending on the procedure, body contouring can last for a lifetime. Excess fat and skin removed through body contouring will not grow back. So, results will be permanent if you have a healthy and active lifestyle, including eating well and exercising.

What are the benefits of Body Contouring?

Many people who perform body contouring report:
•    More defined, well-shaped body parts
•    Younger, thinner appearance
•    Smoother skin
•    Symptomatic improvement

Where to Get Cheap Body Contouring?

Here we listed three countries that have the most affordable price but keep the high quality of service.
Mexico offers a wide range of body contouring surgeries and procedures at cheap costs. This country is a good choice for United States citizens who can get there quickly by plane or car. The rate of cosmetic surgeries in Mexico is globally high. The average pricing is about $5,000, exclusive of surgeon fees, anesthesia and anesthesiologist fees, facility fees, and any other supplies needed for the surgery.
See more: https://www.medicaldepartures.com/info/liposuction/mexico


With 1 million international patients annually, Turkey is one of the most popular countries for body contouring. It is a good choice for people from the Middle Eastern countries, Ukraine, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Libya. Compared to the UK, prices for body contouring surgery in Turkey are 70% lower.
See more: https://www.medicalcenterturkey.com/liposuction-surgery-in-turkey/


With over 400 international plastic surgeons, Iran ranks amongst the top 15 countries worldwide. It is a good destination for people who want body contouring with the highest safety standards at a reasonable cost. The costs of liposuction in Iran are comparatively much more affordable than in the two above countries. The reason is mainly due to the Iranian currency (rial) less value against Dollar. The low cost also applies to other costs such as travel, hospital, and medicines. The body contouring cost starts from $1,800 in Iran. 

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