Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Commercial solar installation

If you are paying enough keen attention, you would notice that rooftop solar systems are becoming commonplace much more than commercial solar panels. But the question remains: which is better?

When it comes to installations, commercial solar panels are much more efficient as they produce cheap renewable energy with ease. Growing businesses will find this advantageous to them as this will help them in cutting down the high costs associated with delivering energy. 

As this industry continues to grow, we should expect owners of commercial solar systems to get a lot for their money! 

Panel installation of commercial solar 

Comment solar panels are much bigger than residential solar energy systems in size and also in applications. Plus, they are not restricted to hanging on roofs alone. While some companies or businesses can install them on the ground, others use solar carports. 

Some organizations even have something that looks like a “power tower”. Solar power is a collection of mirrors that direct sunlight onto the solar panels situated directly below them. Some commercial solar systems are built on racks and tilted at an angle toward the sun so that the panels capture most of the energy released by the sun in the day. 

Regardless of the location of installations, commercial systems are almost always installed on flat surfaces. 

The secret lies in this; large installations bring the fastest return on investment (ROI). Why? The cost per panel is kept as low as possible. This explains why you must choose the highest-quality solar panels that are readily available. Plus, the installation will also cost less compared to when you’re just installing a few numbers. 

All these contribute to making commercial solar an appealing investment. 

Advantages of commercial solar installations 

Environmental safety 

Hundreds and even thousands of metric tons of carbon dioxide are released when electricity is generated in power plants. This can contribute to global warming. 

On the other hand, solar systems can generate clean energy without harming the environment. For example, a 50-kW solar system can generate more than 60,000 kWh in a year. 

Over time, this would reduce a company’s carbon footprint by a thousand metric tons leading to sustainability. 

These days, it is not uncommon to find customers patronizing companies with ethical environmental policies

Financial costs 

It’s on record that small companies or businesses spend billions of dollars each year on energy expenditures. This is just the tip of the iceberg as electricity costs are expected to rise in the future. 

Investing in commercial solar is the best decision a company should make to offset their energy expenses fixedly because utility rates are not fixed but vary due to frequent supply outages. 

Plus, solar panels can last for up to 25 years. Just imagine with the correct warranty, a company can reliably plan its energy bills. 

The money saved from energy bulls can be reinvested into other areas of the organization. 

Commercial solar investment is one of the best financial investments you would ever make for your business. Plus, their installations take an average amount of time!