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People must remain vigilant regarding the changes in the body. The unusual symptoms can correlate with a disease that requires medical attention. Therefore, it is necessary to stay conscious and seek professional help if they feel unwell. People who notice blood in the urine and abdominal pain should confer with the best urologist in Lahore. An early diagnosis helps in promoting bodily function and avoiding further complications.

Multiple causes correlate with the presence of white articles in the urine. Both men and women may notice white particles in the urine because of:

UTIs: Individuals with urinary tract infections can notice white particles in the urine. The fungi and bacteria can affect kidney functioning. It can lead to bacterial infection in the urinary tract. The discharge can cause white particles; hence, it is essential to discuss the condition with the specialist for early diagnosis. The other symptoms of UTI are:

·        The patient suffers from a burning sensation while excreting urine.

·        The patient has a sudden and frequent urge to urinate, which may cause pain, discomfort, and anxiety.

·        The smell is unusual, and the urine appears cloudy. Also, the urine is darker.

·        Men and women suffer from constant pain in the abdominal region.

·        Women experience pelvic pain, whereas men experience constant rectal pain.

The individual must seek immediate medical help if:

·        They suffer from high-grade fever and chills that affect their overall functioning.

·        The patient suffers from unbearable pain near the abdomen.

·        The person experiences shaking, nausea and vomiting.

STIs: Chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause infection in the vagina or pelvis in men and women. Hence, it is necessary to take precautionary measures while having sexual intercourse. The sexually transmitted infections can lead to pelvic pain and constant vaginal itching. Individuals who experience the symptoms of STIs can notice white particles in the urine. It is necessary to seek medical help, as antimicrobial therapy can lead to smooth recovery and avoid further complications.

Kidney Stones: People diagnosed with kidney stones should not delay the treatment. The white particles in the urine indicate a high concentration of calcium oxalate and uric acid in the body that may lead to hardening kidney stones. The symptoms of kidney stones include:

·        The person suffers from constant pain in the groin and abdominal region, which affects their movement.

·        The patient suffers from fever, chills, nausea, and vomiting.

·        The infection and kidney stones can lead to blood in the urine.

·        There are white particles in the urine, and it appears cloudy.

 Women who notice white particles in the urine can be due to:

Pregnancy: Leukorrhea can cause white particles in the urine during pregnancy. The hormonal imbalance can cause white particles; however, if a woman notices red or pink particles during pregnancy, they must seek medical help.

Ovulation: The mucus can be noticed in the urine. It is normal to have discharge and particles during or before the period.

Bacterial Vaginosis: Women suffering from bacterial infection are more likely to notice unusual discharge. The woman can notice particles in the urine along with the following symptoms:

·        The women experience itchiness near the vagina with a fishy odor.

·        The woman suffers from a burning sensation while urinating.

Yeast Infection: The yeast infection leads to a thick discharge with constant unbearable pain. Women suffering from yeast infections are more likely to notice white particles in the urine.

Men who notice white particles in the urine may be suffering from:

Prostatitis: The inflammation in the prostate gland causes burning, pain, and discomfort. Men with prostatitis can notice white particles in the urine. The antibiotics help treat the condition.

Retrograde Ejaculation: Men suffering from retrograde ejaculation are more likely to have the semen flow into the bladder. It can cause the white particles in the urine.

People who notice white particles and pain in the abdominal region for more than a week should book an appointment with a competent and reliable specialist through The specialist will guide the patient regarding the latest and most effective treatment plan.