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Climate change is not a recent trend. Climate has been changing since the Jurassic period, and it is changing till now, but its changing pace has been accelerated by human factors. Climate change is a topic where many scholars/environmentalists have a different opinions. In addition to having a diverse opinion, climate change impact is real, it changed in the past, it is changing in our present, and it will change in the future.

Some examples of climate change are the sudden melting of icebergs and large glaciers in the southern polar regions. This has led to melting at a rapid pace impacting the coastal regions of the world by flooding them. This has also led to submerging of several islands. 

The rate or pace of climate change may rely on many factors which are either manmade or natural. The climate change impact caused needed to be controlled because it can impact many lives, and it may cause the extinction of various venerable species due to climate change.

Climate Change Impact: Disrupts the Balance of the Earth

Global climate has changed the environment and its effect can be seen in the whole world. Country-sized glaciers are submerged in the water, lakes, ponds, and rivers are drying up, a major outbreak of forest fire can be seen in many countries in recent times, plants are getting dried up. 

In addition, animals are either dying or are being forced to migrate to a different region, sea levels are rising, heat waves are also seen in many pockets around the world, and many more.

An Insight into Climate Change Impact and Effects

It’s important to be aware of the issues of climate change. It provides a negative impact on daily lives, and its impact and effects are as follows:

Global warming: Emission of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases caused due to burning of fossil fuels leads to rising in global temperature, causing melting glaciers, flash floods, submerging icebergs and desertification, etc.

Ocean acidification: The marine life is polluted by disposing of waste fluids and materials like chemical fertilizers, insecticides, factory residues, etc., which leads to oceanic acidification, which affects the marine ecosystem and kills mangrove trees leading to floods in the coastal region

Ozone layer depletion: the use of chlorofluorocarbons in ACs and refrigerators causes the ozone layer, which disrupts biodiversity affecting many plants and animals. The ozone layer stops UV rays from entering the earth’s surface, but its depletion causes harmful rays inter the atmosphere causing skin cancer

Acid rain: the atmosphere is polluted by various pollutants such as nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, etc. leads to acid rain, which can cause negative effects on wildlife, agricultural land, marine species, etc.

Health issues: toxic gases in the atmosphere may cause severe health damage like respiratory disease, high/low blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, etc. 

Climate Change Impact: Future Prospects

• There will be a crisis of clean drinking water. The groundwater is getting depleted and making the agricultural land barren. This can be avoided by planting trees and being a responsible citizen.

• The air will be so poisonous that it may cause serious health diseases, and it will be difficult to breathe. The future can be changed by switching to much cleaner green energy, and effects can be countered by wearing pollution face masks.

• People living in the island nation or coastal regions will be most affected as their land may submerge due to frequent flooding. Grow more mangrove trees on the coastline to avoid flooding in the region

• The margin ecosystem is converted into a big pile of plastic dump yard; this disrupts the lifestyle of aquatic flora and fauna, which can cause the extinction of rare plants and animals, leading to a misbalance in the food chain.

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