Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
keratin shampooCan keratin shampoo help in hair growth?


Are you using a shampoo only for the sake of cleansing? Is it making your hair look thinner after each wash? Then understand that your hair is yearning for keratin restoration and collagen aided smoothness. Use the keratin based shampoos for proper delivery of these hair proteins. If the same is infused with oil such as almond, argan oil; it adds a shine to your hair strands. Read on to know more on how keratin shampoo helps to grow your hair. Also keep track of the benefits it has for thin, dry, weak and breaking hair strands.

Being the major hair-growth, Keratin is the building block of your hair. It improves the structure and strength of hair strands. Both Keratin and Collagen work together to connect the broken links in your hair strands to be more flexible. They tangle less and form no messy knots while brushing your hair strands. Enjoy your easily manageable hair with keratin treated, cleansed scalp at home!

Keratin Supplements for your Hair

  1. The keratin in shampoo enters the hair shaft on proper application. 
  2. The hair structure is strengthened with repair of damaged hair strands.
  3. Keratin shampoo fortifies your hair against the prolonged exposure to heat treatment for styling them.
  4. Hair strands become more flexible and less prone to break at weaker spots.
  5. Hair cuticles which form the outermost layer of your hair strands are oriented in the right direction. That leaves you with smooth and easily de-tangled hair strands.
  6. Builds up the keratin content of your hair and saves you from expensive keratin treatments in hair salons. Choose a budget friendly keratin source from the keratin based shampoos.
  7. The shampoo surfactants cleanse your hair. They dissolve sebum and remove dandruff traces from the scalp.
  8. Nourishes your hair with hair density improvement. Volume of hair is considerably increased by the keratin shampoos. 
  9. Activated ingredients in your keratin shampoo stimulate the scalp and hair follicles to grow hair at a faster rate.  They even unclog the blocked pores of scalp from further germ build up in hair.
  10. Keratin and oil infused in it adds a sheen to your hair. This sheen is increased upon the heat treatments. You get glossy hair strands after hair styling.

Hair supplied with keratin shampoos are meant to grow at a faster rate. Keratin coating on the already existing hair strands makes them thick and longer than the usual hair strands growing at the natural rates. So keratin shampoos help you to grow hair at increased rates. Be confident to release your hair from the clutches of bobby pins and hair clips. Hair volume is considerably impressive with the use of keratin shampoos. Use a proper hair conditioner to give a proper finish to the cleansing action of your keratin shampoo. 

Now you know what keratin means for your hair. The keratin based shampoos are easy to use as well. 

  1. Wet your hair with warm water.
  2. Then take a blob of the keratin based shampoo according to your hair length. 
  3. Lather the viscous shampoo formula properly, beginning from your scalp to the tips of your hair strands.
  4. Rest it for a while or else you can massage your hair slowly. This let’s the keratin formula work itself into your hair strands. 
  5. Now rinse it away with normal water. Complement this with a suitable conditioner. 
  6. Dry your hair and experience the rich texture of your hair like never before. Confidently style them with hot hair brushes and flats. 

With this your hair can withstand excess heat from the hair styling devices. Flaunt them as you like it. Without much ado shine with beautiful and healthy hair locks. It gets longer and proportionally thicker growing at a healthy pace. Now hair protein loss would no longer concern you. You have the perfect antidote to these issues- thinning and roughness.


Hair fall and dandruff formation is reduced considerably with strong and thick hair strands. The shampoo factor enriched with keratin and essential oils makes sure that your scalp is clean and normal in condition. Germ build up is countered with antimicrobial properties. A thoroughly cleansed scalp grows healthy and beautiful hair.

The surfactants in the keratin enabled shampoo makes your hair porous and the keratin gets a perfect gap to fill in those pores. This renders your hair thick and strong in a single wash. Notice the changes in your hair’s strength and durability when subjected to harsh conditions. Have frizz free hair rid from the constant surge of dryness and rough texture.