Sun. May 19th, 2024

As the weather warms up, people are looking for new ways to spend quality time together. If you’re looking for something different on the market, you might find that a zorb ball is a perfect novelty.

Giant inflatable spheres, often called human hamster balls, can walk or roll. They are more fun on hot summer days and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Zorb balls are widely available in stores and online at many sporting goods retailers. 

Tips for buying a zorb ball

Zorb Balls are large, clear, vinyl or plastic spheres that can be blown into various shapes. People often jump and roll inside zorb balls as a form of entertainment. Depending on the size of the ball, it can be used outside or inside.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering buying a zorb ball:

Look for a ball that is easy to explode, because you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it.

Look for a ball that is easy to explode, because you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it.

Before you decide to buy zorb ball, try running and rolling around in one.

Zorb balls are made by wrapping a vinyl or PVC ball inside a larger one. These balls are held together by several thin nylon cords. So make sure you have the mentioned items before purchasing zorb balls.

There are numerous zorbing games to play

Another reason why people never get bored while zorbing is because there are so many different types of games you can play – which obviously wouldn’t be as safe or even possible without inflatable layers of protection.

When you are just starting out, we recommend traditional zorbing races.

But when you’re ready to take things to the next level, you can try things like sumo wrestling in a zorb ball, human zorb bowling, or even go ziplining across the water in a zorb ball!

Perhaps the most popular sport of all is zorbing football (also called bubble football or zorbing football. In fact, it has become such a fad that many leagues are popping up in Australia and New Zealand).

The rules are more like standard football, where you have to keep the ball on the field and score as many goals as possible during the game (most of them within 50 minutes).

However, your goal is to knock out as many players on the opposing team as possible. Each player is “out” when out – so there are no fouls in play.

If no goals are scored, the team with the remaining players wins.

Meet the zorb ball

His gorilla balls are exploding hamster balls, water circles, and water balls – these are just some of the cool names for Kameymall balls! These large ball-shaped hamster balls fit easily inside, and if you try them out (thankfully), you’ll be hooked! 

Once inside the ball, it is ready to play! Ideal for halftime entertainment, organizing events, or promotions – participants hop in and out of each other, like a human fun car!

Get ready to relax and enjoy our dance. Why not donate or rent an elevator to create a great playground designed to match the energy of your business or event? 

 Basically, a game scene where you walk around inside a plastic circle. This circle can be called a ball or a hamster ball. Typically, the action of this event takes place on steep slopes when entering the circle and wanting to control the erratic ride. The sphere is divided into two types: occupied and bare. Inside the circle, a rope or rope protects the rider by controlling body movement.

 Zorb bhora

Kameymall is also prepared to offer ball rentals as well as custom inflatables for purchase. Zorb Football is good for an extraordinary event and is still available with all our control and event support. Kameymall inflatable balls and flats are sturdy, large, and made from high-quality materials, as you would expect.

We have two meters of zorb ball crossing for the little zorb (so nobody misses a great opportunity) and 2.5m – 3m inflatables for adults or adult zorb! We can amplify your brand and create any custom plan you want for your organization day.

For more fun activities, try our Air Bag Football Match-Up or create your own with our refreshing games that you can build around! If you need more help, we offer a full event management service, which includes transporting, presenting, adding, and performing your event, as well as packing everything up and storing your inflatables in a safe place for up to one day.

Body zorbs

The body is surrounded by a large, attractive circle of clothed people. The body wraps have vents to keep your legs exposed, allowing you to run like an air track – it sounds crazy, but it’s fun. Of course, body lotions are made from clear or sheer materials to make sure you can see them at all times! On the other hand, the normal inflated ball is made in a circle like the monster bursting hamster ball.

Zorbing in the water

The person inside the cage or hamster must control climbing over moving water in this type of zorbing. A flat surface or flat surface can be used as a path. Water flowing over the surface reduces erosion and makes it harder to control the force. In this case, a ball with a handle is necessary because it offers protection during rising temperatures.

Where to buy a zorb ball

Kameymall has a zorb ball suitable for different ages and events. Also, the mall has a variety of items such as inflatable zorb balls in different sections.

Last thought

The use of zorb balls, also called “human hamster balls”, has become more and more common in recent years. This clear plastic sphere is big enough for one or two people to stand or sit inside. After that, it is possible to backflip on land or in water. The event is advertised primarily for children and teens, but adults of all ages are welcome to attend.