360-degree car photography is an innovative and engaging way to showcase vehicles for car dealerships, manufacturers, and rental companies. It provides a more comprehensive and interactive experience for potential buyers and can help to increase online engagement and conversions.

The biggest drawback of having an online platform for your car business is that people can’t physically experience the vehicle, which directly or indirectly impacts business sales. On the other hand, physical stores allow consumers to see the car from every angle, inside out, and get consumers’ trust. This is where 360 automotive photos enter the race; it gives businesses a chance to enhance customer experience by providing images from each angle. It allows the online buyer to feel as if they were experiencing the car in real life, which they wouldn’t be able to do with a static photo. 

What is 360 car photography?

360-degree car photography means capturing the complete view of the car from all angles. It provides the customers with a comprehensive view of the car and virtually offers them the real-time experience of checking the car physically. 360-degree images and videos are much better for the buyer’s research while buying a car than static photographs, enabling viewers to make the best assessment. It also helps retailers to attract and engage more buyers online, thus expanding the customer base and improving the overall sales figure.

As the eCommerce space is gaining popularity, the importance of 360 automotive photos will also increase. Car dealers must embrace the technology to stay in the competition or risk losing potential customers.

How to take 360 photos of cars

Here in this section, we will discuss some of the crucial aspects of taking 360-degree car photographs:-

Shoot 360-car exterior visuals using traditional photography

It is a manual method of creating 360-degree videos and photos of the car. You may have to rent a turntable studio to capture the vehicle’s image from various angles. Once you have finalized the photographs, they are edited and compiled to make a seamless 360-degree view.

Using a 360° camera to shoot the interior of a car

As the interior images of the car cannot be filmed using a turntable studio, a 360-degree camera takes the interior images of the vehicles. Later these photos are consolidated and edited to get a 360-degree view. The procedure needs a 360-degree camera and a professional with adequate knowledge of operating and editing the footage to provide you with a seamless 360-degree visual experience.

360 car photography using AI software

The old photoshoot techniques mentioned above are effective but have a significant dependency on various external factors such as equipment, camera crew, professionals, etc. You also have to drive the vehicles to the studio, which costs you a lot of time and money. Here, Spyne comes into the game. It provides you with AI-powered solutions, so you can effectively capture high-quality car images without the assistance of any professional.

What Can 360 Degree Car Photography Do For Your Business?

  • Get More Sales: Research by Social Bakers has found that using 360-degree photos enhances companies’ engagement. Companies have experienced sales growth of 67 % as they reached a wider audience. 
  • Stay Ahead in Competition: Online buyers have various options, so they frequently compare brands to get the best bargain. As a result, you will need to strategize to set your business apart from the competition. You unquestionably have a competitive advantage over rivals who still need to implement this strategy into their organization using 360-degree pictures.

Imagine a customer looking up your goods or services on Google. On the results page, your brand appears alongside those of your rivals. The 360-degree image spins and reveals your dealership listings. This encourages customers to visit your online store or visit in person.

  • Boost consumer assurance: Infoport claims that one of the main reasons customers avoid online shopping is that they cannot investigate the business thoroughly. Who would invest money in something they didn’t believe in?

Additionally, 360-degree images improve people’s perceptions of your brand because they demonstrate how highly you hold quality within your organization. You will gain the customer’s favor with the help of this increased brand confidence.

Wrapping Up

It’s time to utilize this amazing technological capability available to your brand now that you know the many advantages that 360-degree photography can offer your company.

If you have decided to have 360-degree car photography for your car dealership, we strongly advise getting assistance from professionals like Spyne. This is because they have the right tools for taking photos, editing full HD car backgrounds, and expertise to piece together the images for a hassle-free customer experience.