Mon. Jun 24th, 2024
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If you are a trader or investor in stock market you must be aware that one of the best strategies to invest money in stocks and earn money is investing in dividend-based stocks. Many investors argue the effectiveness of a dividend-based stock but we are here to challenge that stance and help you find some of the best monthly dividend stocks under $10.

Why Dividend Stocks?

The main argument against investing in dividend stock given by many pundits is the fact that dividend paying companies are paying out cash to its investors because they do not have significant plan to invest that money into new business or further expansion which shows lack of future scope, but it’s a one way of thinking about a dividend paying company to rule them out from your investment portfolio.

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But we have reasons to believe why dividend stocks must be a part of your investment portfolio:

  • Dividend stocks ensure a constant cash flow into your account earned through stocks
  • It’s a constant source of passive income
  • Investors get dual benefit of dividend earning and capital return
  • Allows investors to reinvest back the dividend amount helping them grow their portfolio
  • It allows a buy and hold approach of stocks and helps you earn money without worrying much.

Best monthly dividend stocks under $10 to buy

We are now ready to take a close look at the best dividend stocks to buy below the price of $10.

1. Annaly Capital Management(NASDAQ stock code: NLY) :

Business Overview: Annaly capital management is a firm which is engaged in the business of  capital management

Dividend yield :11.083 %, Market cap: $11.5 Billion Profit margin: 83.2%.

2. Aegon NV (NYSE stock code: AEX):

Business Overview: Aegon NV is a firm which is engaged in the business of Life insurance, pensions, and asset management sectors.

Dividend yield :2.8 %, Market cap: $10.56 billion Profit margin: 1.7%.

3. Person PLC (NYSE stock code: PSO):

Business Overview: The company is involved in the education business as it provides education material

Dividend yield:3.2 %, Market cap: 4.6 billion Pounds Profit margin: 7%.

4. United Microelectronics Corp (NYSE Stock Code : UMC)

Business Overview: The company is involved in the business of chip manufacturing.

Dividend yield :2.6 %, Market cap: $29 billion Profit margin: 25%.

5. Itaú Unibanco Holding SA (ADR) (NYSE: Stock Code ITUB):

Business Overview:  It’s a Brazilian-based banking firm that allows investors to invest in Brazilian companies.

Dividend yield :4.3 %, Market cap: $40 billion Profit margin: 18%.

6. Catch Mark Timber Trust Inc.:

Business Overview: Catch Mark timber Trust Ince operates in the business of logging and milling.  Dividend yield 3.6%.

7. ASE Technology Holding Co. Ltd.:

Business Overview: ASE technology Holding co. is an Asian origin company which is engaged in semiconductor related business.

dividend yield  4.4%.

8. Crawford & Co.:

Business Overview: It’s a company operating as a service provider to insurance companies and is the world’s largest independent claims management organization with a global presence in 70 countries and has 700 branches. The company provides its investors with a dividend yield of 3.1%.

Final Words…

We finally have come to a conclusion on our discussion of best dividend stock under $10 . Hopefully you enjoyed reading the article and it would be helpful in making the right investment decisions.