Thu. Jul 18th, 2024
Two-Wheeler on EMI

eBikes are growing in popularity every year! Electric bikes are a flexible, environmentally sustainable, and adaptive means of transportation. The eBike market is growing substantially as a testimony to its popularity. In 2019, the eBike market was valued at $40,312 million, and is projected to reach $118,657 million by the year 2030, with a projected growth rate of 10.5%!*

Electric bikes separate themselves from traditional non-electric bicycles with an integrated electric motor and battery system that assists the user while pedaling. Many eBike enthusiasts swear by them, going as far to say that once you go electric, you can never go back. On top of being comfortable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain, they’re just downright fun! 

An electric bike comes with a plethora of benefits that eBike owners swear by. Here’s a concise list of what an electric bike can bring to your life:

  1. Electrified physical exercise – Adopting a healthier lifestyle is beneficial for everyone, regardless of whether you have an electric bike or not. However, it can be hard for some people to find time to adopt said lifestyle. With an eBike, transitioning to healthier habits has never been easier. Regardless of your shape, weight, and previous physical activity, there’s an electric bike out there for everyone, with its electrical system assisting you every step of the way. 
  2. Environmentally friendly – Standard gas-powered vehicles produce massive amounts of air and noise pollution, and contribute to the emissions of greenhouse gasses which amplify the climate crisis. Electric bikes are an amazing alternative to personal gas-powered vehicles, whether just for a joyride around the neighborhood, the commute to work, or a cross-country touring journey. eBikes are also robust and made to last, ensuring that your investment will last you years, not months. 
  3. Electrified mental wellness – Your mind and body are connected – your mental health is linked to your physical health, and vice versa. One of the best ways to take care of your mental health is by exercising your physical body, and what better way to engage your mind and body than with an electric bike in the fresh air! Taking your electric bike for a joyride reduces stress and anxiety, while simultaneously releasing dopamine to help you feel happy. 
  4. Save big! The prices of gas, petrol, and diesel are skyrocketing around the globe. Using gas-powered vehicles such as a car affects not only the environment, as mentioned above, but also your wallet. With an electric bike, the cost of traveling per mile is a fraction of the price of that of a car. Maintenance fees for a car also take a huge chunk of your monthly budget, whereas eBikes can be maintained at an incredibly negligible cost. Forget insurance fees, registration fees and owning a license – free yourself from the car with an electric bike. 
  5. A safer and more efficient mode of transportation – Traffic jams, whether during rush hour or otherwise, are major issues in cities such as Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto. Dodge the rush hour traffic with an eBike! Electric bikes can operate on both roads and cycle lanes, and can reach speeds of up to 32 km/h (20 mph). Depending on the city you’re in, dedicated cycle lanes are built for safety and speed in mind, ensuring that you get home safe and without a sweat on your brow. 
  6. Easy riding – On a traditional bike, nothing is more daunting than having to face a massive hill at the end of an exhausting work day. On an electric bike, it’s simply a section of the commute that you can breeze through. With assistance from the electric motor, you can fly up intimidating hills without a struggle and leave everyone else in the dust. 
  7. Easy to learn – Whether you’re an experienced cyclist, a part-time hobbyist or haven’t ridden a bicycle in 20 years, electric bikes are incredibly accessible and easy to learn. The learning curve is particularly gentle and there are eBikes of all kinds, so riders of all ages can take advantage of the magic of electrically assisted bikes. 
  8. Comes in many flavors and styles – The growing popularity of electric bikes and their competitive market has resulted in many different choices the consumer can choose from. eBikes come in all shapes and sizes, designs and colors – these can also be customized to your specific needs. Look out for electric road bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric hybrid bikes, and more! 
  9. A dynamic social activity – Whether it’s strolling through the block, commuting to work, or a long trekking trip, riding an electric bike is always better with your friends and loved ones. The electrical assistance of an eBike allows people of all fitness levels to enjoy a group ride together, and avoids the all-too-common problem of some riders not being able to catch up with the rest. Riding an electric bike helps form memories that will be shared with you and your loved ones for years to come!


Electric bikes are well known for their plethora of benefits to the user, and rarely do they ever disappoint. Whether it’s to improve your mental and physical health, to be environmentally sustainable, or share an activity with your friends and loved ones, eBikes can deliver on your wishes and beyond. A new experience awaits with an electric bike! 

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*Allied Market Research: Electric Bike Market Size, Share, and Growth 2021-2030