Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Online love scams are some of the most popular internet scams these days. Although many believe that the victims of these scams are simply gullible people, the situation is far more complex. First of all, anyone can become a victim of such a scam. At least anyone who is looking for love online.

This is precisely what love scammers count on. Therefore, they often use dating apps and websites to find victims. If a person wants affection and commitment, this is what they promise. So, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish honest people from scammers.

The best way to stay safe is to learn how love fraudsters operate. Here are some of the most common and abusive tactics criminals use in romance scams.

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Monopolizing the Victim’s Life

This is usually one of the most common psychological tactics love scammers rely on. They want to become like a drug in their victim’s life. Consequently, they can successfully drain money from that person’s account.

One of the best ways to become addictive is to be present. At all times, all day, every day. Scammers who are eager to defraud people monopolize their lives. They talk to them throughout the day.

When they can’t chat, they leave messages or emojis. They send links and share photos. There’s always something they can do to be present. By first getting a person’s full attention, they can then start getting their trust … and money.

Asking for More Privacy

Love fraud offenders are sometimes picky about the communication channels they use. They often ask victims to start chatting with them in private, or regular channels. For example, they might switch over to the phone, email, Skype, or Zoom. This is a strategy that helps them erase their traces easier.

If a user realizes their true intention, they can report them to the website or dating app’s support. Then, if an investigation takes place, the platform can provide the conversations. This can help authorities track down the scammers. Moreover, it can serve as evidence in a trial.

Yet, because victims can’t suspect any of these, scammers use excuses. They say changing the channel means getting more serious. The exclusive character of their communication and relationship appeals to victims. As a result, many are more than eager to give up community websites.

Furthermore, this move is necessary for criminals. This is because such platforms prohibit money exchange. Also, besides moving off dating apps, scammers also ask for secrecy. They encourage their targets to keep the relationship secret. Hence, they prevent others from interfering and spotting the scam.

Short Breaks or Emotional Distancing

Some scammers know exactly when to act, and they do it in the cruelest ways. After their victim becomes emotionally attached, they sometimes distance themselves. Alternatively, they might disappear for a few days.

What is the purpose of this tactic? To make the person fall for them even more. Those who deploy this technique know the victim is already hooked. Then, they want to show them how a few days of distance feel like. Naturally, the feeling is bad. Especially for those who were used to chatting daily with their fake romance partner.

Furthermore, after turning back to them, victims feel overwhelmed. Gratitude, tranquility, love are some of the emotions they experience.

Aggressive Behavior

It is hard to understand why some people are easier to dominate through aggressivity. On the internet that is. When scammers become threatening, dominant, and aggressive, they sometimes manage to subdue their victims. In many cases, however, this tactic fails. So, scammers must know their victims very well before they use aggressivity as a tool.

Those people who give in after being verbally mistreated might have had previous trauma. For example, victims of domestic violence are prone to be more submissive. This is because, unfortunately, these persons already experienced similar behavior in real life. Someone threatened them and hurt them physically and emotionally. Consequently, to avoid pain, they complied. When the aggressor asked them to do something, they listened.

This is what scammers look for. An easy victim would be someone vulnerable. A person who would comply with their money request if they became aggressive.

Since the physical distance means no physical aggressivity, love scammers use aggressive language. They can insult or even threaten the victim to get what they want. For example, they can threaten they’ll interrupt communication unless they get money.

The Emotional Consequences of Love Scams

Online love relationship frauds are as dangerous as those happening in real life. Although scammers and victims don’t meet face-to-face, the emotional and financial damage is equal. These criminals know their way around human psychology. Therefore, they can manipulate victims in search of a genuine love relationship.

People who suffer at the hands of these fraudsters often struggle with long-term trauma. Being tricked by a love partner can have critical emotional and even physical health effects. Depression, lack of self-love, feelings of guilt, shame, self-hate are just some of the common effects.

If you fall for such a scam, don’t hesitate to ask for help. These criminals deserve punishment. And you deserve to heal.

Article by, Bastion Balance Wealth Management.