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Many top BE colleges in Maharashtra offer four-year BE courses under multiple specializations such as civil engineering, information technology, artificial intelligence & data science, industrial design, electrical engineering, and so on. 

A four-year program that is divided into eight semesters is called a bachelor of engineering (B.E.). The full form of the term is a bachelor of engineering (B.E.). The theoretical knowledge and engineering component of science are primarily the focus of a B.E. program. In the field of engineering, students can pursue a certain specialism. Aspiring students have a wide range of specialized choices.

Terna Nerul is one of the top BE colleges in Maharashtra. This Bachelor’s degree in engineering provides great exposure to the machinery and outer world. Terna Nerul provides various BE Courses under multiple categories. There are a total of 8 specializations available for BE at Terna Nerul. Read more and know every important detail of this course.

Eligibility criteria of BE Course:

There are certain eligibility criteria that a student must satisfy to get admission to a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Read on to know more about these criteria.

  • Students must have completed Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) in their 10+2 exams.
  • For students who choose to major in computer science and engineering, biological engineering, or geological engineering, computer science, biology, and geography are also crucial disciplines.
  • Aspiring candidates should acquire their 10+2 certification from an accredited board if they wish to enroll in a Bachelor of Engineering program.
  • Students need to receive at least 50% in their board exams, although some universities also require 75% in the class 12 board exam.
  • Passing the Joint Entrance Examination or another comparable test is the most crucial requirement. (MHT CET & GATE)

Types of specializations:

Below given are the bachelor of engineering courses offered by Terna Engineering College.

Civil Engineering

The BE Civil Engineering degree is a four-year undergraduate engineering curriculum that focuses on the development, design, and maintenance of tunnels, bridges, airports, and other structural elements. This course enhances a student’s capacity for project planning, analysis, and design.

A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering opens up a variety of career options including those as an engineer, land surveyor, manager, and construction supervisor in a specific location.

Computer engineering

An undergraduate degree in BE Computer Engineering, which lasts four years and eight semesters, educates students in all facets of computer engineering. Along with a thorough examination of coding languages, it also covers several other significant ideas in computer architecture, artificial intelligence, cyber security, etc.

Major programming languages including C, C++, Java, and Python are thoroughly examined. This course will also cover hardware topics like analog and digital electronics in addition to software topics.

Information Technology

BE IT is a computer science-related undergraduate engineering course with a focus on information technology and its associated fields.

A specialized branch of computer science, information technology courses in India focus on the practical application of learned computer science ideas.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data Science

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad term for the intelligence that clever robots may use to execute tasks that ordinarily need human intelligence.

The BE in Artificial Intelligence program is intended to assist students in creating intelligent devices, software, or apps using a combination of machine learning techniques.

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Electrical engineering’s Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering (ETE) division specializes in the creation of electronic technology goods.

Electrical engineers are employed in a variety of industries, such as software development, media and communications, and healthcare.

Electronics Engineering

The engineering discipline of electronics uses electrical components including semiconductors, transistors, diodes, and others to create electronic circuits, devices, integrated circuits, and electronic systems.

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with Electronic as specialization teaches the practical use of electronic gadgets and their management.

Mechanical Engineering

The use of engineering principles and problem-solving methods in the design, manufacture, and marketing of any object is known as mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineers assess their work using the principles of motion, energy, and force—ensuring that designs function safely, efficiently, and reliably, all at a competitive cost.

Mechatronics Engineering

The study of electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering, system engineering, and control engineering are all included in the multidisciplinary discipline of engineering and technology known as mechatronics.

The study module for the degree in mechanical, computer, and Mechatronic engineering covers a wide spectrum of education in the fundamental standards and concepts of those fields. Terna Nerul is one of the best BE colleges in Navi Mumbai providing quality education.

Scope and Demand for Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering

Many students dream of getting a bachelor’s degree in engineering from a reputed college. TERNA is a popular engineering college in Navi Mumbai and it is best known for its world-class education and top-notch engineering faculty. They know the needs of engineering industries and that’s why they emphasize practical learning. It will allow students to understand the requirements of the market. 

Both the public and private sectors provide positions within the BE employment scope. Because technology is advancing, the scope of a bachelor of engineering degree is broad.

The students learn to implement the latest trends in technology. In India, the BE income is more than enough to support oneself well. The scope of BE can also be expanded with further legitimate experience and reading potential.

Following are the most frequent employment for engineering bachelor’s degree holders:

  • Software Engineer for a Project
  • Associate Project Researcher
  • Technical Assistant
  • Expert in Network Forensics
  • Mobile Forensic Expert
  • Deputy Engineer
  • Engineer for quality assurance (QA)


A Bachelor’s degree in engineering is one of the most famous courses among science students. This program particularly deals with the engineering and practicality of the world. Terna Nerul, which is one of the best engineering college in Mumbai provides BE programs in 8 different specializations.

If you are planning to pursue BE in Navi Mumbai then you can go through the above post. This post will help you understand the BE courses better. 

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