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The answer is yes, but only if it is consumed in a limited amount. This is the reason it is not illegal in Australia. But this product is still prohibited for minors to purchase and the main reason is that it can be potentially abused by them. To understand more about whether it is safe or not let’s check the component of nang. 

What Do Nangs Consist of?

Nangs which consist of Nitrous oxide have been around for more than 150 years. This nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas or NOS.

An inhaler that fits over your nose is used to provide medical nitrous oxide, which is combined with oxygen and breathed. During surgery, it may be delivered by a tube down your neck along with medical oxygen and another anesthetic gas.

Only dentists and physicians with a license have the access to use medical nitrous oxide, which comes in big cylinders and can only be administered under full supervision.

However, the most popular use of nangs is in whipped cream. The nangs are sold in a small canister which is available in Nangs Delivery and can be delivered anytime throughout Melbourne.

Does It Have Any Risk factor?

No drug is completely safe, especially if it is misused. Even though it has way less potential to harm compared to alcohol, it still comes with a few harmful effects. However, it has relatively low potency, and the effects that are observed vanish easily.

One of the biggest harmful effects it has is inhaled directly from the has straight from the canister is that it releases at very high pressure. This high pressure can put the consumer at a high risk of frostbite-type burn.

Moreover, it has been also observed that using the nangs for a long time or without getting the fresh air may result in the consumer becoming hypoxic which is lacking in oxygen. This can cause rare circumstances and might lead to a heart attack.

Here are some other possible harms that can cause by nangs being abused-

  • harming yourself after brief dizziness or lightheadedness.
  • When you open a canister of gas, you risk being burned by the cold gas.
  • Long-term usage of nitrous oxide may result in B12 insufficiency. To maintain a healthy red blood cell count, the human body needs that vitamin. A low amount may lead to a variety of health issues, including anemia, neuropathy, and tinnitus.


So we can easily say that nangs are safe only when the consumer is consuming at a level that is harmless for him. Moreover, the best use of nangs can be seen in whipped cream which is preferred by many consumers in Australia. And if you are interested in the tastiest and premium quality whipped cream chargers then Nangs Delivery is just the right place for you to order from. Our delivery is open 24-hours and if you are living within 40km from Melbourne CBD and Brisbane CBD, we can deliver it to your destination in just 20 minutes so that you can enjoy the fresh whipped cream right away