One of the first impressions you’ll make on new visitors when they arrive at your Airbnb property is by the way you greet them. Consequently, a hassle-free key exchange on Airbnb can be more important than you realize.

Airbnb key handover arrangements may be made in various ways that are both smooth and efficient. Find out what each one has to offer before making a decision that’s ideal for you and your guests.

What a Check-in Contribution Airbnb’s Key Exchanges Make

You and your visitor will both benefit from having a well-thought-out key exchange solution when it comes to checking in. Consider these advantages of a well-planned important transfer:

You won’t have to wait long for other weary passengers to settle into their accommodations because of your delay. Their schedules will not be constrained by someone else’s. Therefore, they will have more freedom.

The coming of each individual isn’t something you’ll have to wait for. Instead, take advantage of this opportunity to do other pressing hosting responsibilities that are on your to-do list.

It will also provide you the peace of mind that your visitor will be able to enter the premises without having you live nearby or be accessible around the clock to hand over the keys.

There are a wide variety of alternatives to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites to help your visitors get settled in when they arrive at your Airbnb.

Keys may be given in various ways, depending on the kind of host and the situation. Certain hosts may prefer traditional solutions, while others prefer an automated method.

Different hosts and property managers may also pick a distinct choice to meet a unique need or limitation. The most cost-effective key exchange solution may be the most important consideration, while for others, time efficiency or security may be more important.

Alternatives to the Standard Key Exchange

The norm is using a third party to set up an Airbnb key exchange. For example, it may be a family member or even a coworker. Good communication is needed by all parties engaged in these alternatives.

When it comes to a successful welcome, the individual you choose holds the key. Thus, it’s important to create trust and connections with them.

Using a Neighbor or Friend as a Safety Net

Asking a neighbor or acquaintance who lives nearby to maintain a set of keys and oversee the transfer is an easy alternative.

You’ll have to work out an arrival time with your visitor and let your buddy or neighbor know about it. When the agreed-upon hour arrives, your visitor will be greeted at the door.


In terms of cost, this is one of the cheapest solutions. Neighbors that treat you like royalty may not demand anything back from you (although we recommend giving them a small gift to say thank you).

• A personal welcome from a friend or neighbor may go a long way.

Because they are so nearby, there will be no big travel issues.

The knowledge that your keys are in the hands of someone you know and trust will give you a sense of security.


• Your neighbor or friend will not be able to help you around the clock. Assuming they have other commitments, they may have to allow your friend in late at night, and they’ll probably be less than pleased about it.

• They may also get irritated by having to greet guests many times a month when your Airbnb has a high volume of bookings during peak periods.

As an incentive for visitors to come on time and not keep a neighbor or friend waiting, you may have to institute a late charge.

A Cleaner You Can Rely On

Asking your current cleaner whether they’d be willing to remain long enough to give over the keys could be an obvious choice.

So that they don’t have to wait too long after they’ve finished cleaning, you might plan your cleaners’ shifts so that they start a few hours before the scheduled time.


Alternatively, you might give your cleaner a little higher price in addition to their regular cleaning fees.

When you hire a housekeeper, she or he will be able to tour your guests around your home.


Your housekeeper may be busy cleaning other homes, so she may not have the time to wait around for a visitor who arrives late.

• Your cleaner’s schedule might become unpredictable and difficult to follow if they synchronize their time to each arrival time.

• You also incur the chance of someone showing up early when your cleaner is still cleaning. Not only would this appear amateurish, but it would also be unprofessional.

Locks and Safes

The inconspicuous lockbox is a tiny, robust, secure storage container meant to keep your keys safe and sound. Lockboxes can only be opened by entering a security password. You only need to provide the right lockbox combination to the guests before they arrive.

Push-button, wheel, and dial mechanisms are all used in various lockboxes. The Igloohome Smart Keybox 3, the Master Lock 5424D Portable Lock Box, and the Kingsley Guard-a-Key Black Realtor’s Lockbox are among the most popular lockboxes on the market today.


• There’s no need to arrange for someone to greet your visitors; all they need is the combination to the lockbox.

In the long run, lockboxes are a very cost-effective alternative.

• They are available around the clock.

It is possible to have them installed on the premises for simple and convenient access. •


• Your visitors may get trapped if you give them the wrong combination of numbers and letters.

Your Airbnb might be open to undesirable guests if you don’t update the combination often enough.

Smart Lock

Consider a digital version of a lockbox. When a passcode is entered, your door will unlock, and you will have total control over the code. There is no need for you to pass over a key at all with a smart lock.

August Smart Lock Pro and Yale Assure Lock SL are two of the most popular smart locks. The company’s website or mobile app is used to control the program. You may use a computer or a smartphone to activate and update the passcodes.


No one else is required to be present for your guest’s arrival.

• Guests may check-in at any time of the day or night.

This is one of the safest alternatives since you may change your code as frequently as you choose.


• This is one of the more expensive automated alternatives. They may go as much as $350.

• It works best with a steady Wi-Fi connection.

Key Exchange and Check-In Procedures for Airbnb Rentals

There is much more to the key exchange procedure than merely giving over a pair of keys you found in your back pocket. To contribute to a smooth check-in process, crucial interactions must be well-planned and communicated. Tips for improving the process are provided below.

Use the Check-in Instructions to Create a Message

It’s a good idea for hosts to prepare extensive check-in rules and send them out to guests well before their arrival.

An easy-to-follow outline of important information regarding the Airbnb home is provided to visitors. It also reassures them that you’ve taken the time to prepare ahead for their visit and that you hope they enjoy their time here.

It’s important to include the following:

First and foremost, provide your guests with your Airbnb’s address (or a location pin if you have access to their smartphones)

The location of the lockbox, if you want to use one.

Lockboxes, smart locks, doors, and gates that need passcodes.

In the event of a problem, how to reach you.

Make the Check-in Process Clearer by Using Images

Everyone knows that a picture tells a thousand words. Adding images of your Airbnb and screenshots of the check-in process may be helpful in certain circumstances (particularly if you choose a self-check-in). This reduces the need to explain the appearance of various objects. To illustrate this point, you may instead share a picture of your lockbox.

The use of visual aids reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings. Check-in will go more smoothly if your visitors don’t have to figure out what you’re trying to convey.


The procedure of exchanging your Airbnb key is critical to the whole experience. A smooth check-in procedure may be achieved by paying close attention to the tiniest of details. The tiniest details determine whether or not a visitor has a pleasant or bad experience.Choosing the right solution for you and your organization doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all situation. Whether you go for a conventional or automated solution, your success will be determined by how effectively you prepare and communicate your goals. Use property management software to take your business to the next level.