Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
Polo Shirt

Let’s agree, men’s best performance polo shirts have always been a fashion statement. A branded men polo t-unique shirt’s personality is the outstanding fit, cotton fabric, stylish collars, and hypnotic look. While purchasing polo shirt for men may have involved numerous tries and errors, the aftercare will ensure that you do not need to purchase another for a long time. So if you found a good Polo shirt from Enzo shirt catalogue, you can preserve it in good condition by putting in a little extra work. We’ll show you how to maintain your polo shirt looking new and colorful in this article:

Washing: Your best performance polo t-shirts must be washed alongside other items of the same hue. Therefore, when you wash your garments, the darker colors (Red or Orange) sometimes fade through and seep into the lighter colored t-shirts. This means that you risk ruining your beloved light-colored polo t-shirts for in this manner. Note that every polo shirt comes with a wash care label from the manufacturer, so read it before you start the wash cycle on your favorite polo shirt. You’ll get the details on how long the cycle will take and how much softener you’ll need.

Drying: Polo shirts from Enzo shirt catalogue are usually made of 100 percent cotton fabric. The fabric is recognized for being fiber-rich and having a defined shape, yet it is susceptible to shrinking. So to dry things out, avoid using the machine dryer. Instead, hang them to dry. This will extend the life of your polo t-shirt and prevent it from shrinking, pilling, fading, and other issues. Keep in mind that when it comes to Polo t-shirts, wire hangers are likewise a no-no. You should hang them to dry on wooden hangers. And if you want to use a dryer, select a short cycle and remove the clothing as soon as the cycle is over.

Ironing: Note that polo shirts collars are prone to curling over time. A tidy iron and some starch spray, on the other hand, may keep your best performance polo shirts looking crisp and elegant. Always iron the shirt after it has been removed from the dryer for a simple ironing operation. While getting the iron ready, choose the cotton pressing settings. But remember the collar should be flat ironed first, then folded back to its original place. Of course, if you iron it this way, the collar will always be sharp.

Storing: Now it’s time to put the clothing away. Depending on your preference, you can fold or hang them. If you follow all of the instructions above, your storage will complement the appearance of your polo t-shirt. Instead of using wire hangers, use wooden ones. Also, fasten the top button to keep the neck and collar in place before hanging it. This should be done when the clothing is folded as well. 

Following these simple procedures will ensure that best performance polo shirts are always fresh. So you won’t have to complain about your polo t-shirt getting shapeless or faded after a while because you were probably handling it incorrectly. Definitely, if you provide it with the proper care, it will be with you for a long time.