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Studying in AustraliaStudying in Australia

Those who choose the land of kangaroos as a destination for study scholarship by  Waly certainly take into account the quality education and world reputation, in addition to the fact that they can work, when the chosen program (general English, technical, baccalaureate, postgraduate, etc. .) is longer than 12 weeks. However, these are not the only reasons. That’s because, if you like to travel, you can take advantage of several places to visit during your exchange in Australia.

After all, the country has an excellent location and is not only the center of Oceania, but also very close to Asia. So, you can venture out and travel on holidays/weekends or even backpack on your travel vacations through different nations. Thus, it will be possible to explore different cultures, have contact with new people and live unique experiences while you study in Australia.

Did you get excited? So, check out the 6 suggestions for amazing places to visit in Australia and find out what to do in each region! Good reading.

1. New Zealand

For starters, there’s one of Australia’s main neighbors: New Zealand. Known for its stunning natural settings, it has several locations that are used as locations for major film productions. One of the main examples is Hobbiton, an entire village built in the city of Matama for the recording of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and, later, the Hobbit.

In addition, the country still has one of the largest geothermal parks in the world, Wai-O-Tapu – where there are still active volcanoes, large glaciers such as Franz Josef and Fox, which extend from forest parks to the sea level and a famous millenary system of over 300 caves called Waitomo. In other words, it is a territory that pleases nature lovers!

2. Thailand

If on the one hand New Zealand is full of natural beauties, Thailand stands out for the diversity of flavors and food preparations that help to tell the history and culture of such a diverse people. Proof of this is that the traditional restaurants Blue Elephant, Nahm, Zuma and Bo.Lan have become mandatory points for anyone visiting the nation.

However, this does not mean that she is left behind in landscapes to enchant the eyes, see? You can (and should) visit the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai – which is a sanctuary for the care and preservation of elephants, the Khao Yai National Park – which is a natural wildlife reserve – and, of course, check it out. near the majestic Palace of Bangkok.

3. Indonesia

Indonesia, in turn, is the largest archipelago on the planet, with more than 17,000 islands and a cultural and religious background unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It is not by chance that it contains some of the most beautiful and ecumenical temples in the entire East, such as the Pura Ulum Danu Bratan, the Tanah Lot, the Goa Gajah and the Prambanan.

In addition, there is the Komodo National Park  which spans several islands, such as Rinca and Komodo, and is home to the lizard that gives the reserve its name – and the Sacred Monkey Forest – which is a natural sanctuary. in Ubud where it is possible to have contact with several primates that fulfill “religious” functions against evil spirits.

4. Philippines

Bathed by three seas (Philippines, South China and Celebes) and very close to the Equator, the Philippines is one of the places to visit during your study in Australia that could not be missing from this list. After all, it is the ideal destination to visit when you love the combination of sun, sand and sea.

So much so that the country has numerous beaches spread across its islands, all with turquoise or emerald green waters that mix with cliffs, forests and rocky walls, such as Puca, El Nido, White Beach, 7 Commando, Boracay and Puerto Crowd.

Apart from that, the Philippines is known for its hotel chain that mixes the bold design of the buildings with the cult of simple life and contact with nature. The reason for this is that many of the local resorts have homes that are literally on the water, such as El Nido Resorts Miniloc Island, Lagen Island Resort and Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa.

5. Singapore

Singapore, like other territories mentioned in the article, is also an island country. In all, there are 63 islands that surprise visitors due to the contrasts caused by the modern and eccentric buildings in the main Singaporean cities.

Some examples that prove this are the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple – a space that keeps, as its name suggests, a tooth-shaped relic of the founder of Buddhism -, the Gardens by the Bay – composed of three futuristic outdoor gardens – and the Marina Bay Sands casino hotel – which has a water park (with a pool at almost 200 meters high) that connects the three buildings of the complex. Additionally, it’s one popular student destination in the world, which provides you with high-quality education.

6. Samoa

Finally, there is Samoa, which is an independent state (as is the Vatican). Although quite small and with a population of less than 200 thousand people, the place enchants for the look of the cities (buildings, streets, cars, etc.) that mingle with tropical forests.

On Upolu Island, for example, you cannot miss the beautiful beaches of Lalomanu. Salamumu and Vavau. Another important place is the famous To Sua Giant Swimming Hole, a rock formation formed with a giant hole of 30 meters where it is possible to dive into a natural pool and reach the sea. By the way, it’s also worth visiting the charming historic center of the main and busiest city in the territory: Apla.

So, did you like our suggestions for places to visit during your study in Australia? Well, there is no shortage of amazing countries very close to the land of kangaroos to visit. So be sure to put them on your itinerary and get to know as many different nations in Asia and Oceania as possible.

And don’t forget to check which of these destinations require a visa for entry or even a transit visa, so you can enjoy your program with peace of mind and security

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