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When paying for a service or a product, customers need to have a platform where they can reach out about any queries related to the said service or product. With the availability of such a platform, brands can maintain the loyalty of the customers, and such a well-preserved relationship leads to their relevance in the business world. Such platforms include telephone service, email, chat support, and finally up-and-coming social media.

Social media is much cheaper than a telephone call because it saves both the customer and call operator a lot of money;using the social media customer service certification would only cost an average amount whereas a telephone call is $6 on average for a call center agent, sometimes even for customers. Abonus is that with the help of social media customer service, the customer support can answer multiple queries at once, and not go through the trouble of having to take a telephone call of only one customer at a time.Plus, instead of making an unnecessary trip to the store or being on hold for hours on a telephone call trying to get to a customer support agent, customers can simply type a message and receive a response from there. All of this points to having social media as the best and most reliable option for a customer support experience.

Handling social media for customer service comes with its own kind of challenges too. Facing those challenges head-on and dealing with them can result in the best experience for the customers, hence being a plus-point for the company’s business. Research has shown that 96% of customers say that their loyalty to a brand depends on their customer support experience with that brand. Hence, it is extremely vital to understand what must be done to provide the best customer service experience to avoid any mishaps or jeopardy towards the business.

Social Media Management Tool

Managing so many social media pages can get pretty overwhelming for a social media representative. A social media management tool would be a better option for you as a social media representative since it helps you manage all of the company’s social media pages at the same time. You do not have to tune into different social media pages separately to listen to each customers’ queries. Rather the tool will help you maintain your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. pages all at the same time. Additionally, it can also help you respond to queries without your business being directly tagged or mentioned. Many such tools are available online;Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, Agora Pulse, etc.

Do not ignore

If you were in a service outlet, you would never ignore a customer who came up to you and asked something about the product. You would do everything to make sure they get what they need. It’s the same as in social media; customers should not be ignored when they reach out to you on any social media platform.Always respond to their questions, comments, tweets, or feedback, no matter how insignificant. Also selectively answering their questions does not put a good impression on them and they feel like they are being ignored.

Who’s doing the job?

Posting a social media review about your product can have a big impact on your business. If at your service outlet, a customer came up to you regarding a complaint about any of your products, there is a possibility that two or three other customers were present there and heard that complaint and it might trigger second thoughts about your products. But if a customer posts a complaint on your social media, there is a possibility of thousands of other customers reading that complaint. That is a big no-no for your business if it goes awry. Be mindful of the kind of social media representative you have put in that position.

Embrace the negativity with positivity

Just as you get to deal with customers who are pretty blunt about their complaints at the service outlet, you also get to experience them sending negative feedback on your social media platform. What you have to do as a social media representative is to respond to this negative feedback with a positive one. And that does not mean that you ignore the negative ones, you have to respond to them anyway, in a placid tone. Apologize, avoid swear words or rude behavior and take the conversation away to private messages if need be.

Don’t delay responses

Social media is quicker than sending an email or going through an awkward back-and-forth of a telephone call, which is why customersexpect speedy responses from there. Having seen how fast the internet is, sending late replies is the same as not sending any replies at all. One tip to send quick replies is to send personalized messages that you can activate. This will save time in having to repeatedly answer the same questions over and over again.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The best way to improve the customer service experience for your clients is to take their opinions about it. You can prepare a customer satisfaction survey, which they can fulfill through your social media pages. It can make the customers feel like they are valued and their experiences about using the products or services matter. This survey, in turn, can help you to improve your customer service performance, to boost your business profitability.

In conclusion, customers love having a say and an opinion about their products, whether it is a good or bad response. Same as Spectrum users, who know about their 24/7 customer service on all kinds of queries such as Charter bill pay, technical support, etc. via email, chat support, or telephone. The role of customer support is to best assist the consumers since it keeps their businesses profitable.

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