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Microsoft SQL certifications:

SQL certification has gained immense hype and uses in the last decade. And why shouldn’t it? It is only the most preferred database language which exists. As per a recent survey, SQL was rated even higher than the other database languages such as R and Python. Data scientists and other base data management streams have been demanding people with such skills. To own certification in SQL might not be just enough to land your dream job. But having said that, it is a steppingstone to accomplish your future endeavors.

Let’s shed some light on SQL, and then we’ll dive deep down to understand why Microsoft SQL certification is the right thing to do. Although Oracle java certification has dethroned the Microsoft SQL certification of late, overall, the discussed SQL certification ranks third in terms of usage and compatibility.

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. A data that exists in the raw forms holds no value. To be put plainly, it is just a culmination of rows and columns. Each conveys no meaning or story but together can take exhaustive decisions. SQL extracts data from these “tables,” which are then used for analysis and decision making.

Let us see what an SQL can do and how a SQL certification might help you.

❖ It helps in executing queries against a database.

❖ It helps in retrieving data from a database.

❖ It allows one to put records in specific databases.

❖ It also helps in updating the said databases.

❖ It shows how to delete certain records from a database.

❖ Lastly, it allows the developer or curator to set permissions for various tables, procedures, and views.

Now that we have an essential grip over the discipline, let us understand how Microsoft SQL certification works and who can gain the utmost value.

To draw a better understanding of your needs, you must be wary of the similarities and differences between Microsoft SQL and MySQL.

Let us look at the similarities first:

1) Scale – It is where both the frameworks are neck-to-neck. They can be notched up as and when the organization plans to expand its needs or operations.

2) Performance – Both have the built-in framework to support many databases or tables and no lag in terms of performance.

3) Tables and Keys – The listed SQL dare to store a range of columns and rows. Additionally, foreign and primary keys to harvesting a relationship remain the same in both.

Now the differences:

1) Compatibility – MySQL is tuned to work with PHP, while Microsoft SQL works with .NET.

2) MyISAM and InnoDB – The MySQL configurations allow the developers to incur various programming featurettes. In the case of Microsoft SQL, the database which one creates has no presence of specific engines.

3) Cost – Microsoft SQL weighs on the heavier side than MySQL owing to the licensing issues. MySQL is free and is open-sourced. The user only needs to pay when he needs support.

Now that we have got the gist of the differences and similarities, we’ll look into how Microsoft SQL certification works and the types of certifications available.

To start your journey in earning Microsoft administrative developer ladder, you should take the course named MCSA: SQL Server 2012-2014. The recommendation is solely based on the fundamentals that the course has the power to make you ready for the other certifications.

But to clear this, one must get passing grades in three exams as follows:

❖ 70-461: Querying- Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2014.

❖ 70-462: To administer Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2014 databases.

❖ 70-463: To implement a data warehouse using Microsoft SQL Server 2012-2014.

If you sail through the above, your door to unlock other SQL-related certifications gets opened.

To start with, MCSE- Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in Data Management and Analytics. It is one of those courses which can help one demonstrate relational database, data analytics, and lifecycle management by preparing and giving the requisite exam. Secondly, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in Business Applications is for the one who is interested in pursuing in the lines of business intelligence.   

Other prominent courses

One should be aware of various other OCA certifications; for example, Oracle Cloud Certification has multiple product offerings that make them popular in the news. In addition, they have around ten certification courses that gained prominence in 2020, of which one was Oracle Database- SQL Certified Associate.

To further go ahead on this path, one would need a professional certification, but to gain that certification, one will have to clear the OCA or Oracle Certified Associate. The latter approves the company that a candidate has the required skills and knowledge to complete the professional course.


The benefits of Microsoft SQL are profound, and it offers many distinct advantages to one’s career. First, it can help one generate new business lines or products and help cater to the existing clients in an improved manner. Second, a SQL certification or Oracle training might make you noticeable at work. Lastly, the following certifications compel the employer to pay you more than the rest. And in the end, accomplishment leads to better things in life.

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