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Sew In WigSew In Wig

Hair extensions have turned into a famous way of expanding your hair’s length and volume quickly. With hair extensions, especially sew-ins, anything is possible since you can get any tone and any length without experimenting with your hair and long waits. They permit you to play around with hairstyles that probably won’t have been imaginable to make in any case!

But if you are the person who is getting them done for the first time, this blog will surely help you to get converted from noob level to pro level with these facts. Keep reading to find out amazing facts about sew-in hair extensions! 

Fact1: It Is Not Mandatory To Have Full Head Coverage

Yes, if you think that for getting sew in extensions you have to get your whole hair in cornrows and under the Audi rental dubai cap, you are fully mistaken. The sew in extensions are also possible with frontals and closures where only a specific area of your head gets the hair extensions installed. 

Now the only thing to take care of here is that whichever texture you are choosing for your hair extensions it should hold the capacity to replicate your texture. For example, if you buy wavy hair extensions they should tend to be heat styled like your real hair so that a uniform look can be delivered. Well, this issue can be easily resolved if you buy frontals/closures from good human hair extension brands like True Glory Hair.

Fact 2: Good Hair Extensions Shouldn’t Cause Harm

It is generally believed that good hair extensions are installed at the cost of damaged hair roots but this is false. If you are buying hair extensions that are made of cheap quality hair then the chances of your real hair betting ruined automatically increases. However, if you buy human hair extensions they are light, and breathable and installation is so convenient that it becomes totally easy to wear them. Also since these human hair sew ins act like genuine hair, washing them is easy that keeps them clean and your scalp healthy too.

Fact 3: You Don’t Have To Go Through Hours In The Salon

Sew in Hair
Sew in Hair

While extensions have forever been an irrefutably faster fix than trusting that your hair will develop, they have gained notoriety for consuming a large chunk of the day. With advanced installation techniques and tools like weave tools, the experts have figured out how to make the application cycle quick and simple.  These days generally, if you are going for sew-ins, from prep to last trims all gets done and completed within 3 hours. Feels like movie time!

Fact 4: They Are Cost Effective

There is no doubt to acknowledge that great sew in hair extensions don’t come at modest prices. However, whenever applied accurately and cared for well they ought to endure as long as about three months. Later in the run, they justify their cost. So if you purchase quality hair sew ins from True Glory, you may feel like investing some good money. But with the time when you work with affordable maintenance and easy styling, you give validation to the cost.

Fact 4: Sew Ins Do Not sweat

Sew in extensions
Sew in extensions

Assuming you often sweat and feel that itch on your scalp but can’t do anything about it because of the sew-ins. Gives you anxiety? Well, RELAX!  If you sweat a lot, it’s vital to ensure your scalp is cool and dry a while later. To do so, you can blow dry your hair in little segments and use a q-tip to retain extra sweat. Apart from that, when you feel like it is time to get the heavy sweat load off, simply go under the shower and in cold or lukewarm water with genter finger rubs, cleanse off the hair using sulfate-free shampoo.

Fact 5: Tight Cornrows Secured Extensions

The greatest misinterpretation about sew-ins is the tighter the sew-in, the more it will endure — this is bogus. In reality, the more tight the sew-in the more breakage and uneasiness you will have. If a sew-in is installed accurately and appropriately kept up with, you can accomplish some astounding hair growth.

Fact 6: Sew In Hair extensions Grow As well!!!

Yes, they grow too! Well, they don’t grow from your scalp but they start coming down due to the length of your real hair that might start to grow when they are protectively braided beneath your sew in extensions(like lemonade braids). That is why it is important to get your sew-ins removed after 3 months so that the growing hair can unleash its potential. In case you feel your extensions have started growing out too soon. Don’t worry, go to your hairstylist and ask them to get it adjusted. 

Why You Should Try Sew In extensions At Least Once In A Life?

Human Hair Extensions
Human Hair Extensions
  • The sew-ins are relatively cheap, particularly if you contrast them with different kinds of hair extensions and are interested to have them on a semi-permanent basis. At a less cost, you’re getting hair extensions that will endure longer. 
  • These hair extensions can in a real sense change your hair look as they get installed very near to your scalp, giving the impression of real hair growing out. The outcome is amazing and realistic..
  • Entirely appropriate for thick hair. If you have thick hair and are confused on which hair extension to get, then, at that point, consider getting sew-in hair extensions since they go very well with thick hair!
  • While different sorts of hair extensions like clip-in hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions can drop somewhere due to head friction, sew in hair extensions won’t get away or fall away haphazardly. They’re extremely protected and safely attached to your regular hair  Luxury cars rental dubai.
  • The tape, glue adhesives, or melting heat clasps used in other hair extensions can cause harm to your hair while installation. With sew-in hair extensions, the installation process creates no harm to your regular hair as extensions are being sewn/hooked to your real hair only.


Keeping up with the style and every new trend is not easy these days. But what is easy is to have that tool that can keep you in your A game. Hair is that powerful tool that promises instant transformation with little variation in hairstyle, texture, and length. 

Sew in hair extensions from True Glory Hair are made of premium quality Brazilian hair that manages to blend so well with your real hair that it becomes almost impossible to notice the difference. And as a user, maintaining them becomes as easy as maintaining your real hair. So, before you get all excited to buy your curly hair extensions and get the amazing transformation, go to True Glory website and check the wide range of textures and sew-ins available to turn your hair manifestations into 3D reality!