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Maldives is a beautiful place which has now become the paradise of many travellers seeking a platform to revel in the beauty of nature. The conglomerate islands deserve a true applause when it comes to offering the right blend of luxury and comfort, along with a dash of the blue elegant waters. Spike your adventurous spirit by indulging in water sports or just sit back and relax in the white powder sands, either way, Maldives is the ideal choice for that peace of mind you have been yearning for. Beauty goes beyond all reaches as you reach this gorgeous island. And to amplify your experiences, here we bring about six of the best curated places that are worth visiting on your trip here

  1. COMO Cocoa Island: One of the most popular islands which is a must include when planning a Maldives package is the COMO Cocoa Island. Lapped in the pristine clear waters, it is known for their very own boat designed water villa’s which is one of a kind. The ambience is simply marvellous, with the water villa’s splurging a luxurious quotient worth living once in a lifetime. Apart from gazing at the poster worthy photos, you can also enjoy water sports activities like snorkelling, a canoe ride in the evenings and dolphin viewing boat rides. Diving at its best can be enjoyed here. The island is also known for its super awesome spa treatments and delectable cuisines. So, visit this mesmerizing paradise and pamper yourself to the core.
  2. Male Atoll: A visit to Maldives deserves a mention of the city Male, the only place that gives you a hint of a city as well the vacation mode alike. Visit Male to explore a range of activities like visiting an eco-friendly farm to get the idea of the traditional life or diving into the deep still waters to get that adrenaline rush.  Another quite popular activity that people indulge in here is diving in banana reefs. A beautiful reef which instantly attracts your attention, can be enjoyed with your loved ones. For those who have interest in the history can visit the national and the Tsunami Museum which is home to artifacts from yesteryears. Grand Friday and Huruku Mosques are other places of interest. For a stroll in the evening, pick the sultan park which is full of greenery and a feast for the eyes. During night time, the lights on the Sinamale bridge will excite you.
  3. Baros Island: Ideal for honeymoon couples, the island exudes a majestic luxurious quotient wrapped in the blanket of hospitality. A very serene environment can be witnessed here, which is the ultimate beauty of Baros Island.  The island offers the best platform for spending some quality time with your spouse. Bask in and enjoy the sun-tanning as you lay in the beaches or go and enjoy the underwater marine life in its unadulterated form. There are trained biologists, to guide you in your journey as you explore the colourful fishes, the reefs and the unique underwater life.
  4. HP Reef: Interested to see reefs and its unique creatures? HP reef is your go to place. Also sometimes referred as the Rainbow reef, for its hued atmosphere, it is a paradise to view some very unique creatures including barracudas and gray reef sharks.  Corals artistically, beautify the area in the most fantastic manner offering a great platform for photography lovers. The reefs act like a home and look awesome amidst the blue waters. Many find this point suitable for diving too, though it is always advisable to have a trained professional around.
  5. Emboodhu Finolhu: Want to experience something a little unique while you are in Maldives? Try out the Emboodhu Finolhu island which is dotted with water villas, some of which is shaped in the form of a flower bud. The best way to reach out here is via seaplane, which will give a birds-eye view of this wonderful island. You can find around 55 different kinds of water villas with Taj Exotica being one of them. Being in close proximity to the airport, the island is usually preferred. Reverb in the luxurious resorts and treat yourself with some exotic spa treatments as you whisk your vacations.
  6. Rangali Island: Rangali Island is your ultimate destination for a family getaway. Go for island hopping or revel in water sports activities like snorkelling and diving, away from the hustle bustle of the city. Conrad Maldives, owned by the Hilton Group of hotels, is ideally the place that accounts for a family get-together. A special kids club is available that invigorates swimming pools, sports activities and other entertaining units here for that all rounded experience. So, if you are planning a family visit, Ranagali island can be  a great choice.

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