This article is about diabetes and the food diet that a diabetic person should follow by all means to control the blood sugar levels and stay fit. 


Diabetes is caused by either lack of insulin in the body or cannot utilize the insulin that is being produced, or maybe diabetes is caused by both of these. Therefore, at the end this accumulation of sugar in your bloodstream makes dietary precautions an important and effective part in the diabetes management. 


Different foods have different ways of showing their benefits and often when you will think of some food being the effective one, it will show how it is not really beneficial for your diabetes. 


The most important factor that someone has in their fluctuating sugar levels is the Glycemic Index or GI content. This factor measures the range at which a food will particularly raise the blood sugar and low GI are advised for diabetes patients. 


I know it is quite difficult to chart out the proper food diet for a diebateic patient. Therefore, this article will help you in knowing the five foods with vitamin c that a person with diabetes should eat. 

5 Things To Eat When A Person Is Suffering From Diabetes

Here you go with a list of five top foods that will help a diabetic patient to be able to mainatbke a stable blood sugar level throughout their life. 

Non-Starchy Vegetables 

Though people generally do not like vegetables as they do not have taste, people with diabetes has no other option if your health matters more to you than your taste buds. 


Non-starchy has few carbs in them, but they still are very effective in keeping the hunger at bay. It not only fills your belly for quite a time but also provides supplies of nourishing minerals, vitamins and fibre. 


To make you understand what non-starchy vegetables are let me meme few. Cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli and asparagus are some of the non-starchy vegetables. These vegetables are considered to be the ideal veggies for diabetic patients because they contain very less calories. 


The non-starchy vegetables also have low GI index as per the ADA (American Diabetes Association).


We all have heard this phrase “an apple a day keeps doctors away”. Actually, it is quite right. Apples are not only for maintaining nutrition in your body but also works wonders for diabetic people. In research by the Harvard school of Public Health, a fact has come out that people who eats 5 or more apples every week tend to show lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to those who do not eat any apples. 


The most important thing about apples is that they have low carb content which is as low as 15 carbs for small apples.

High Fibre Vegetables 

High fibre vegetables are peas, beans and spinach and thus they are considered to be an ideal addition to your food diet. Beans are great sources of proteins and help in lowering blood sugar and blood pressure at the same time.

Also, studies suggest that fibre consumption can lower the risk of the first-time stroke. Researchers too have ascertained that each 7 gram increases the total dietary fibre with 7% lower risk of stroke.


Some of the great options in beans include Rajma, Channa, or mung. We suggest adding beans and all kinds of it in your diet as the main course of protein at least for one or two times per week.

Green Leafy vegetables 

To secure your diabetic health green leafy vegetables are a perfect healthy addition to the diet. But some of us don’t know why exactly it is effective for people with diabetes. Let me tell you how and why. 


For starters they are very low in digestible carbs, which helps in controlling the blood sugar level and make them the right choice to add it in a diabetic food chart. 


They are also a great source of vitamins and vitamin c. They are known to be reducing inflammatory markers and fasting blood sugar levels for people with type 2 diabetes along with high blood pressure.


Their antioxidant makes them a smarter choice in modern diets, irrespective of diabetes or other health issues. All ages must have green leaves in their meals. The world fortunately does not have any scarcity of healthy green leaves, in India there are palak and methi which is a great choice to add to your plate. 


Eggs have some great benefits for diabetics, which includes improving insulin sensitivity and HDL cholesterol levels. Don’t freak out thinking that these terms are harmful, they are actually the good kinds. 


It modifies the shape and size of the bad LDL cholesterol. Did you know that eggs are made up of 77 calories, 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of healthy fats? These are the best qualities of eggs that can keep you satisfied for hours. 


It actually helps you resist the hunger that you might feel frequently, and go for all the junk snacks you get your hands on. Do not leave any portion of the egg alone, eat the whole egg, that is how you are going to get all the good properties of eggs in your body. 


Remember the yolk is the main source of nutrients then the white of the egg, as the yolk is the baby chic and the mother hen sends sources to the yolk to keep the baby healthy and the white of the egg is a cover to protect the baby or the yolk, but that too has its properties. 


Final Thoughts 

Here you go with 5 Things to Eat When a Person Is Suffering from Diabetes.

Overall, your diet plan must include all the foods that have been mentioned above in the article. 


Some other healthy options that you might try are melons and vegetables that are infused with water like cucumbers and lemons of all kinds. 


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