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When a pandemic comes, it teaches us many things regarding cleanliness. At the beginning of the pandemic, we all become puzzled and start to take precautions to avoid the disease. We all are beginning to wear masks and gloves. And avoid human touching. But as time passes, after one year, we are no longer scared to go out in public. Hence, we all have to follow the pandemic precaution protocols, but not like the pandemic’s beginning.

We started to carry the musk, gloves, and sanitizer along with us. We all know that only musk and gloves cannot protect you from the Covid 19 virus. With the mask and gloves, you also have to build up some good healthy habits to protect your body from virus attacks. But unfortunately, the face cover, gloves, and sanitizers are becoming the undetachable part of our travel packing.

5 Healthy Habits To Lead A Healthy Life During Pandemic

As the time is becoming worse, only carrying musk and gloves is not enough to protect your body. So, you have to develop some specific healthy habit that promises a secure healthy life during the pandemic. Along with the right healthy habit, the proper dosages of vitamins and minerals are also going to boost healthy body immunity.

Here are the five healthy habits which are keeping your body fit and germ-free.

  • Carry Sanitizer Wipes

Now sanitizer use is compulsory but how to touch a secure place. To avoid contaminations, carry a wipe with you and wipe down the surface just before you touch it. Now every medical store and the medical brand are manufacturing these sanitizer wipes. Carrying a washbasin and soap with you is impossible. But carrying a small pack of sanitizer wipes is an easy and more convenient process.

It is very obvious; that you want to wash your hands right after touching any surface. But washbasin is not available at every public place. And frequent use of hand sanitizers on your hands is making your hands dry. So, carrying sanitizer wipes is a more convenient process.

  • Wash Your Musk

In the first wave of Covid 19, the people are more often wearing the surgical musk and the N19 musk. But during the second wave, people are more concentrating on the cotton-made musks and the double musk applications. But cotton musk needs a regular cleaning process. Hence, you also have to sanitise your cotton musk after each wash for better security. How to wash them?

The cleaning process is simple. After a single use of the cotton, musk throws it in your regular dry cleaning washing machines. And wash them with your everyday clothes. The cotton musk applies a little bit of warm water and the antibacterial cloth washing solutions for disinfecting. Then dry it under the sunlight. The regular detergent and the cloth washing liquid soap are enough to clean the used musk.

  • Wash Your Clothes

Does washing clothes seem luxurious? In cold countries, cloth washing is a tedious job. But during the pandemic, we all are seeing how clean clothes are keeping you safe. Not necessarily you have to put yourself with all your clothing on in your washing machine, after coming back from the groceries.

Just remove your outer clothing. And keep them aside for washing. If you are wearing heavy outer clothing then spray the sanitizers right after you come back home. This is the reason to keep a hanger separate for just keeping your outer clothes like jacket, overcoats, and trousers. And always wear washed and cleaned clothes to avoid potential contamination threats. You can use liquid cloth washing sanitizers to disinfect your washed clothes for better protection.

  • No Contact Greeting and Avoid Crowded Places

Pandemic and lockdown situations are making everyone’s life dull and colourless. You want to lay under the sun and enjoy the bright sunny morning. But for security, you have to stay at home. This was the scenario when the first pandemic approached. Hence, as time passed, we started to know more about the diseases and find out many better ways to avoid contaminations.

Now you can visit the park or the beaches. But you have to follow the pandemic protocols. Like you have to avoid public gatherings and human contacts. For avoiding the no contact-making greetings, you have to visit the less crowded places and maintain the Covid 19 guidelines.

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  • Take A Bath After You Come Home From Outside

For tropical countries, these precautions keep your body germ-free.In tropical places, most of the body parts remain in the open state. So, your skin needs washing. Keep your shoes aside and spray underneath the boots whenever you come back to your home. Then take a bath in lukewarm water.

When you come home from a long working day, a nice warm bath takes away all of your tiredness. But during the pandemic, bath taking and cloth washing belong under the virus protection regime. So if you do not want to take a bath, then separate your clothes and wash them. This is another easy way to protect your body from the Covid 19 virus attacks.


All of these five healthy habits are keeping your body fit. By following this simple strategy, you can avoid being contaminated. After you get done with your two vaccines and the booster dose, you also must follow the basic protection theory. Do you have any particular kind of healthy habit? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections. And do not forget to take the regular vitamin booster to keep your immunity strong.

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